‘Outlander’ Season Two Filming Begins!

Official Episode 108 Dragonfly in Amber

Although the first season of Outlander has not finished airing, the news is coming out of Twitter that today is the first day of shooting Season Two of Outlander.  The Second Season of Outlander will follow Diana Gabaldon’s second book, Dragonfly in Amber.

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Day 1 Season 2 …. Excited for the journey ahead !!! #Outlander

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  • Faith Wolking Kemper

    Fantastic! Look forward to BTS pics, sneak peeks, and spoiler alerts! Going to be a long summer, though!

  • stopbeingdelulu

    im excited for season 2.
    but they’re better not going to cut season 2 in half let us wait for half a year to watch the rest of the season, like they did with the first one.
    it took us almost a year to watch season 1..10 FREAKIN’ MONTHS !!!!
    Starz and everyone who is involved in scheduling, you can do better than that.

    • aussiesuzie

      SO AGREE LOL!;-)

    • emd04

      Sadly I think this is the new Way of Cable….Mad Men did it, and the shows that don’t have a shorter run (i.e., Turn, Bates Motel, etc.–they only get 8 eps or so a season). So it sounds like the “break” allows us to get more episodes…..but we hate waiting 🙂

      • stopbeingdelulu

        honestly, i’d rather have them cut 4 episodes than waiting half a year for them to continue. there are some slow episodes they could have merged into one, like ep. 12 and ep. 13.
        im used to mid-season breaks, for example The Walking Dead.
        they have pretty much the same amount of episodes as Outlander, but they start the season in October/November and comeback in February.
        that’s 2-3 months, im totally ok with that. but 6 months… not really.

        • emd04

          ah, see, i’d rather have more episodes.

  • aussiesuzie

    Excellent,just please don’t make us wait a looooooooong time for it as we did for ep2.Please pretty please,now I am barracking for book 3 Voyager!

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