Outlander’ Episode 115 Preview, “Wentworth Prison”

This is the preview for Episode 115 of Outlander, “Wentworth Prison.”  Only two more episodes of Season One are left.

This is the episode that book readers have been dreading, and next week we will see how Ronald D. Moore and company decided to tackle the material.

The synopsis: “Jamie awaits his death sentence at Wentworth Prison, while Claire and the Highlanders desperately search for a rescue plan.”

Screen caps of the preview are below the video. We will upload other (country) versions when they are available.

This episode premieres in U.S. Saturday, May 16, 2015 on Starz.  It is available in the U.K. and Canada on Sunday.

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Source: Starz, Amazon Prime UK

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    Oh God! I’ve pre-schedule my therapist appointment for next Monday morning. Gathered all of my comfort items. Bottle of sparkling grape juice is in the fridge, waiting to be sipped (I’m pregnant, no wine for me unfortunately). Prayer group is on stand-by. I think this will be like Garrison Commander, in that I’ll only be able to watch it once…..maybe twice at a much later day. It feels like a bandage on sensitive skin, you know it’s going to hurt to pull it off but there’s no sense in just waiting. Ugh, let’s get this over with.

  • Jessica Wuller

    I just want to know how on earth they’re going to wrap this puppy up in only two more episodes!

    • emd04

      yeeeeah, wow. I thought we had a couple more than just TWO!

      • Jessica Wuller

        I’m just thinking of all of the things left to happen… which I won’t discuss here because, you know, spoilers haha… but yeah! Craziness.

        • emd04

          For some reason, I thought there were 20 eps this season…..obviously wishful thinking on my part!

    • jsorianow

      Here Here, my thoughts as well. It seems like they would need three episodes instead right? But still they diced things up pretty good from the book. It’s entertaining anyway.

  • aussiesuzie

    Very important episode,but sad & gruesome,well I can always fast forward a bit or have a wee drink,just lets get it over with!

  • Truth in your face

    With only 2 more episodes left we shouldn’t have to endure much. Especially in Claire’s eyes. We will probably see it while she is nursing Jamie back to himself. Sorry for the spoiler but hey…….

  • jsorianow

    Only one preview. ..huh. Nothing they could picture is as bad as most of us imagined reading the book. Still, I do grimace a little seeing Jaime sprawled out on the floor in the preview …but how much can they actually really show of that part of the book anyway? Anyone who hasn’t read the books really should do so….immediately!

  • von

    Always dreaded this part but even more so since Kristin Dos Santos posted her remarks. She has seen the episode and the only uplifting comment was, that we are about to witness one of the hardest things to have been aired on T.V finishing with one of the most beautiful moments. She also speaks of how brave the actors were and this view was echoed by Cat in another interview. Imagine I won’t be getting much sleep afterwards.
    Hopefully knowing that we have something good at the end will get me through the episode.
    Also saw interview with Tobias who mentioned that he and Sam avoided mixing off screen during the filming of Wentworth in order to bring the real battle between these two fresh for the screen.
    Oscar or at least Emmy worthy is my guess.