Go Behind the Scenes with Ronald D. Moore in Episode 114 (Video)

Outlander 2014

Outlander executive producer Ronald D. Moore gives us a deeper look at the making of  Episode 114, “The Search.”  He discusses the postpartum Jenny horseback ride, the relationship between Jenny and Claire, diversions from the book, the showmanship of Duncan/Murtagh and Claire/Caitriona, and Claire’s costume.

You can also listen to his podcast about the episode by clicking here.

Source: Starz

  • D R Allen

    I thought “Once again, a MARVELLOUS adaptation”! 😀

    I had forgotten that Claire has such a pretty voice (IIRC, it wasn’t revealed in the books until DiA), and what a happy coincidence that it is one of Cait’s talent’s. 🙂

    It was BRILLIANT of Moore & the writers to set old Scottish lyrics to a 1940s pop tune, and Cait dressed in sloppy men’s clothes is adorable! 😀