Two Clips from ‘Outlander’ Episode 112, “Lallybroch”

Official Episode 112

Two new clips from this coming Saturday’s episode of Outlander, “Lallybroch,” are here!

The first one is a conversation between Ian (Steven Cree), Jenny (Laura Donnelly), Jamie (Sam Heughan), and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) as they are planning on celebrating the return of the Laird of Lallybroch.  Claire questions the risk of it.

The second clip is a discussion between Claire and Jamie before arriving in Lallybroch.  Jamie explains to Claire that there is a possibility that Jenny was with child after Black Jack Randall first visited Lallybroch.

Source: Starz

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    Oooh you can just see where there may be some clashes between the 2 most important women in Jamie’s life. One knows that Jamie will have to take certain risks to take his place as the laird of Lallybroch and the other is focused solely on keeping him out of Black Jack Randal’s hands. They both have his best interest in mind, but very different ways of doing things and neither of them is necessarily used to holding their tongue.

  • von

    Agree these two look well matched for some good confrontations and the tempers are going to really flare with Jamie and Jenny, if the trailers I’ve seen so far are anything to go by.
    Still wondering why they needed to change Steven Cree to a fair haired man when I thought he looked exactly right for the part of Ian with his normal dark looks. Maybe I have it wrong but I always thought both Ian and young Ian were both dark haired.
    Surprised at how lavish the interior of Lallybroch looks. Always imagined it as a large farmhouse. cosy and comfortable with large robust furnishings and nice selected pieces of silver or glass and Helen’s paintings. Admittedly it does look wonderful and Jamie looks mighty fine in his best Laird attire.
    This is definitely one of my favourite parts in the first book. Really looking forward to this episode.

    • DrBlueFrogPhD

      It’s funny that we always accuse Claire of jumping to conclusions without all the evidence (and to be fair, she does do this often), but here is where we really get to see how Jamie is not so different from Claire in that regard. In the book, he automatically takes the word of his uncle without ever writing Jenny to confirm it. Then again, how does what say “Dear Sister, I’m alive. I’m sorry about father. Speaking of parents, I hear you’ve become the proud parent of Black Jack Randall’s bastard child, how’s that going? Love, Jamie.” In the show it appears from the preview that Claire is trying to remind Jamie that all he’s heard are rumors which I would then assume he automatically believes are true upon seeing Jenny’s current condition & toddler son.

  • von

    Agree completely about all points made. Love the look on Jamie’s face when he tells this little bit of scandal to Claire and pleased that her reaction was tempered with concern that he should give the idea room for doubt; In particular it seemed even stranger to me that Jamie would accept Dougal’s word being fully aware that his Uncle often acted with a hidden agenda, particularly towards Jamie.
    I suppose we have to put his naivety down to his young age and being in Dougal’s debt for giving him a place to heal after his flogging etc
    Love the way you have worded your comments.