Third Clip from ‘Outlander’ Episode 112, “Lallybroch”

Official Episode 112

This is the third clip released for Outlander‘s twelfth episode, “Lallybroch.”

“I am not the meek and obedient type”

Claire (Caitriona Balfe) and Jamie (Sam Heughan) have a talk at Lallybroch about the position of Lady and the respect given to the Laird by that Lady.  Looks like Claire is okay with it, but behind closed doors…

Source: ET

  • Dee Santucci

    Best love story of all time. The acting is bringing the books to life. You care about these people! Looking forward to years of enjoyment!

    • Mary Studdert

      Totally agree , hope the production company are considering a new series , have loved every minute of Outlander , high quality acting and storytelling makes this the top pick on TV , it should be used to promote tourism in Scotland., the scenery is magnificent .

  • aussiesuzie

    Love this series,the love story,history all of it & all actors are doing it justice bringing it to life fr the books,Scotland is just so beautiful,would love to see a bit more of loving fr Claire towards Jamie hope it’ll come in the next episodes (not just the sex),but show the emotional conncetion towards Jamie as there is plenty of that fr Jamie!

    • Dee Santucci

      Oh it will come. And soon!