‘Outlander’ Episode 111 Preview, “The Devil’s Mark”

This is the preview for Episode 111 of Outlander, “The Devil’s Mark.”

The synopsis:  “Claire and Geillis are on trial for witchcraft. Jamie manages to rescue Claire, but not before she discovers a secret about Geillis’s past.”

Screen caps of the preview are below the video. We will upload other (country) versions when they are available.

This episode premieres in U.S. Saturday, April 18, 2015 on Starz.  It is available in the U.K. and Canada on Sunday.

I find the addition of the hashtag amusing (#OutlanderTrial).  I guess we will have one for every episode.

Episode 111 Preview Episode 111 Preview Episode 111 Preview Episode 111 Preview Episode 111 Preview Episode 111 Preview Episode 111 Preview

Source: Starz

  • von

    Well it looks good but in the book the trial was outside near water. Obviously there must be a good reason for this change and as always I will trust in Ron Moore to do this scene justice.

    • DrBlueFrogPhD

      Luckily this was one of those events that could have its location moved without it causing too much of an issue, I think (unlike moving the abbey from France to Scotland….*softly chants “In Ron We Trust, In Ron We Trust, In Ron We Trust……”*). Whether it took place outside in the town square (they were marched off to the loch near the town for the “witch test” that Claire refuses to submit to before being marched back near town to be whipped) or in the town hall was probably dictated by weather as much as anything else. I remember Ron Moore saying that they filmed much of episodes 109 & 110 in February (except Geillis’ night dancing which was filmed later….out of courtesy for her nipples, I’m sure LOL) so possible episode 111 was hampered by similar weather issues. All in all I think most productions prefer indoor sets to outdoor sets when given the choice because they can control the elements a bit more indoors.

  • von

    All good points and probably accurate. Must admit that the bits I’ve seen so far look even more dramatic than in the book. One small niggle is about the necklace that Claire was given by Colum at the Castle for helping with the birthing of a prized mare and her foal. It was the throwing of said necklace by Jamie to Claire at the start of the lashing, that distracted the crowd for Jamie to get through to her and start her rescue. As we never had the foal incident I imagine Jamie is going to rely solely on Gellis revealing her pregnancy to do the distracting. As you said our mantra ‘trust in Ron’ is being used constantly now. Sure he will come through again.
    Away from that: have you been lucky enough to see the pics of Jamie emerging from the mill pond yet? Well worth looking for believe me.

    • RS

      ummm… link please!….

    • DrBlueFrogPhD

      Oh yes I have! Poor lad looks freezing! LOL

  • von

    Freezing and somewhat larger. I saw a report from a photographer who commented that the photo had definitely not been touched up in any way and was genuine.
    As they often shoot out of sequence I am wondering if this was taken after one of Sam’s prolonged breaks. He said he did not work out for at least two months during the filming of When the Twilight Ends. Apparently he was dreaming about working out because he says he is obsessive about it normally.
    Did you think the Witches Trial was done well and are you looking forward to Lallybroch?