‘Outlander’ Episode 110 Preview, “By the Pricking of My Thumbs”

This is the preview for Episode 110 of Outlander, “By the Pricking of My Thumbs.”

The synopsis:  “Jamie hopes the newly arrived Duke of Sandringham will help lift the price from his head, while Claire attempts to save an abandoned child.”

This is the first appearance in the series of Simon Callow as the Duke of Sandringham.

Screen caps of the preview are below the video. We will upload other (country) versions when they are available.

This episode premieres in U.S. Saturday, April 11, 2015 on Starz.  It is available in the U.K. and Canada on Sunday.

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Source: Starz, Amazon Prime UK

  • aussiesuzie

    Loved ep.9,it was done just correctly(spanking)Thank God we live in the 21st century,SH did a wonderful acting job in this one,well he usually does,but this was brilliant,looking forward to the rest,thanks Starz & all involved such a great job!

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    Ok, I can’t be the only one wondering what the heck Murtaugh is doing in Jamie & Claire’s bedroom whilst they’re both nekkid and Jamie isn’t trying to throw a damn blanket over Claire’s head?!

  • von

    Agree spanking scene was well done & amusing in part. Poor Jamie he has his work on with Claire. Whole episode was brilliant. Hard to believe : that was their first filmed love scene.

    • DrBlueFrogPhD

      Oh “Poor Jamie” my foot. LOL
      Other than the near-rapes, dashing rescues from the clutches of sadistic captors, and her “below the belt” fighting style, I’m thinking Jamie is enjoying his marriage. Sure, no guy “likes” forced prolonged celibacy, but hey in the end he got to experience the wondrous pleasure that is passionate make-up sex. I’d say he’s doing just fine 🙂

      • von

        Agree about the make-up sex but he always has to work doubley hard to win Claire round. It’s always Jamie who accepts and forgives her mistakes regardless of the cost to himself. Yet in France Claire is totally wrapped up in her own loss and self pity to even bother to find out where Jamie is or why he seemed to go against her wishes.
        Knowing him to be both honourable and not to give a promise lightly: Why did she not take some time to wonder why he had gone against her wishes or not attended her bedside then. Knowing him as she did it should have been obvious that something serious had caused his absence and change of heart,. That is only one of many times that she makes him grovel when she should have been more understanding.
        I have left out the actual incident so as not to spoil things for non readers. So yes Poor Jamie!!

        • DrBlueFrogPhD

          Ok, first of all, Jamie isn’t a walk in the park either. Who leaves their recently assaulted wife to be either alone (in the book) or watched over by a 15 year old (in the show) without taking time to really ascertain her well-being?! According to the book, he spends a grand total of 5 seconds mumbling to her before finishing the act that had been interrupted by the deserters (not that she objected to it) and then nothing else before leaving her alone. On the show, he mumbles to her a bit more, but then goes over to the tell the guys what was going on and then nothing before leaving her rather brusquely w/ Willie, whom, I might add, I wouldn’t ask to be responsible for watering my plants, let alone watching my obviously upset wife!
          As for the event you are referring to in the second book, of COURSE she’s wrapped up in her own loss and she feels betrayed by Jamie on top of it! As someone who has both carried children and lost one, yeah I totally understand her mindset. I get that she’s upset with him for what she feels was betrayal and abandonment. Remember she doesn’t know why he did it and why he isn’t by her side and doesn’t even begin to wonder until well after she has healed from the physical wounds. Even when she finds out from Fergus the events that preceded the duel, she feels betrayed because Jamie didn’t talk to her. Remember he came back while she was sleeping, grabbed his things, and had enough time to write her a note – but he didn’t wake her because he knew she’d try to stop him and he didn’t want to be stopped, agreement between them be damned. Then when Claire finds out the rest of the problem (ie: why he hasn’t come for her) she goes out and does the ONLY thing she can do to get him released from prison (and if that wasn’t a selfless act, I don’t know what is). Why? Not for him, not for her, not for their marriage, but for the good of Scotland and the Scottish clans that will be destroyed if they don’t (or so she thinks).
          In the end, both of these characters are wonderfully and hopelessly flawed (just like real people are – but maybe more so, who knows). You can’t say “Poor Jamie” without equally acknowledging “Poor Claire”. There’s a sound case for both pity parties.

          • von

            O.K. We may not agree on everything but the child loss is something I went through as well and I still believe Claire was wallowing in her grief way too long. Yes she did a selfless thing for Jamie’s release but given a choice I,d rather do that !!than spend months in yet another prison unaware of the fate of my unborn child and wife. Especially as Jamie felt he was doing right by Fergus and had no intentions of killing Randal but simply maiming him and therefor not breaking his promise to Claire.
            In hindsight I’m sure it would have been better for him to have woken Claire and explained his intentions. But Claire had already had one terrible argument with him over Frank which I saw as a betrayal to Jamie and perhaps he decided to avoid another confrontation due to Claires condition.
            No matter the reason Jamie always acts rather than talks first, that as you mention is one of his flaws. As we all know characters like Jamie and Clairen are more interesting because of the flaws.
            I agree that Jamie did not take long enough to check Claire over or comfort her but he was being pressured by Dougal and the need to get to the crucial meeting with Horrocks. H could hardly send him a text to say he was running late due to a personal emergency.
            Enjoying our little debate by the way. To conclude lets just remember without all these mishaps and problems the books and the series would be so much more Mills and Boon and I would hate that.

          • DrBlueFrogPhD

            I agree to disagree, and yes, this discussion as been fun! I would say that Claire is equally guilty of acting (or more often speaking) without thinking. Especially in the first book, she is often jumping to conclusion without all of the facts or even being interested in getting the facts until after she’s made a spectacle of herself. But even saying that, Claire is still one of my favorite characters in all of literature and she has certainly improved with age.

          • von

            Agree with all your remarks and just like Claire gets better in the later books I actually think Cat is getting better with each episode. Looking forward to episodes 10 and 11 to see how she and Lotte deal with the witch trial.
            Not looking forward to Wentworth though. I’ve read the books four times now and still have to do those chapters in stages because it upsets me so much.
            Have a good weekend!! Happy Outlander watching.

        • gerrijuice

          Remember in the book, Claire didn’t want to lead Jamie on. She thinks this before she stumbles upon the stones before the red coats got her. So one can understand her actions.