‘Outlander’ Cast On the Show’s Sexual Content

In a new video interview from Collider, the cast of Outlander and executive producer Ronald D. Moore discuss the series’ sexual content being character driven and creating a “safe space” for the actors during production. Lotte Verbeek also discusses a particular scene from this week’s episode (“By the Pricking of My Thumbs”) towards the end of the video.

Source: Collider

  • von

    I agree completely that these scenes are handled with great care and honesty and are not gratuitous but in keeping with the core of the original source.
    I have been trying for a long time to get my eldest granddaughter to read the Outlander books without success so far: But this looks likely to change now. She is seventeen and over the years we have shared many good times together. Our relationship is warm and close but not formal. She talks to me about all aspects of her life and is like the daughter I never had. I have three sons.
    Since the show was aired in the U.K. she has watched all 10 episodes with me and has never felt embarrassed or uncomfortable about any of them. Yet she has squirmed and shied away from watching when other programmes have shown sexual or kissing scenes
    That tells me that the Outlander quality and handling of such scenes is far more tasteful and naturally portrayed. She, like me; cannot wait now for each new episode, though I have warned her about the traumatic Wentworth scenes to come.
    All credit to the whole production team and the courageous and very talented actors of this wonderful series. The adaption to screen has been exceptional and very complimentary to Diana Gabaldon’s wonderful books.
    I fervently hope they will be able to continue and encompass all nine books to completion.

  • aussiesuzie

    The sex scenes have been done with sensesivity&realisticly in this show,believe me there is a hell of a lot of sex in these books,R.D.Moore & actors have done a marvellous job so kudos to them! Love the show!

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    I agree that the sex scenes have been treated with the respect that they deserve. Ron Moore has made no bones about the fact that he isn’t afraid of nudity or showing a sexual act, but that if he does it he wants to be relevant to the story. He won’t show T & A for the sake of showing it, it has to make sense within the framework of the story. Even the opening scene of this past weekend’s episode (Episode 110 “By the Pricking of My Thumbs”) was done in such a way that you totally understood what was happening, there were no doubts, but it didn’t feel gratuitous or make the viewer totally uncomfortable unlike other cable shows that have shown similar sex acts in progress (I’m looking at you “Game of Chairs”…..*snickers*). It actually told the story of the progression of Claire and Jamie’s relationship, as all of their sex scenes have done. At no time has it felt like anyone was saying “let’s get these actors nekkid to fill our T & A quota for this episode” everything has been done with a purpose.

  • Namnoot

    There is no reason for the scenes to be so explicit, in my opinion. When a good chunk of the show’s promotional campaign deals with the cast discussing/defending the sex then you know there’s too much sex. Is this going to be another show where it’s remembered for its sex, not for its plot and characters?