Go Behind the Scenes with Ronald D. Moore in Episode 112 (Video)

Episode 112 BTS Video

Outlander executive producer takes us behind the scenes of  Episode 112, “Lallybroch.”  He discusses the physical location of Lallybroch, the interiors for Lallybroch, the casting of Laura Donnelly as Jenny, how they did Ian’s (Steven Cree) peg leg, and the emotional core of the episode.

You can also listen to his podcast about the episode by clicking here.

Episode 112 BTS Video Episode 112 BTS Video Steven Episode 112 BTS Video Steven Sam

Source: Starz

  • Carolee Luper

    Cannot get the podcast or video of Ron Moore discussing Lallybroch location. Can anyone tell me?

  • B Lewis

    Interesting conversation between Anne & Ron, but would have liked to have heard about the episode and not so much about them. I would have enjoyed their discussion sitting in a bar drinking some scotch.

  • NancyA

    Under the pic of Lallybroch is a link for the podcast that says “by clicking here.” That started an auto-download of the podcast for me. Then in the next box is the Starz videos. You may have to scroll through the videos, but there’s one titled “Inside the World of Outlander.” I hope you can get to them.