Win a Trip to San Diego Comic Con Outlander-Style!

Outlander Sweeps

Starz has started a new sweepstakes that focuses on a San Diego Comic Con experience with a lot of Outlander in the mix.  The contest includes two passes to SDCC, airfare, hotel, spa access, and an Outlander-themed luncheon.  This is all for two people.

The contest started today and will end May 30, 2015.  It is only open to those in the contiguous 48 states of the US, and those who are 21 and over in age.  The actual form says you have to be over 18, but the rules portion says 21.

Good luck!

*Enter here* 

Source: Starz

  • Connie Sandlin

    Guess we can take this to mean that there WILL be an Outlander presence at SDCC, huh?

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    OMG My husband would go nuts! Not because of the Outlander aspect of it, but because ComiCon is on his bucket list LOL

  • Deacon Frost 65

    My bucket list also. Nerd nirvana.

  • Ohmyheaven

    I pray that I win.

  • XelxWarlox

    The submit form seems to be broken, I’m just getting red code. html format seems to be.

  • Judy Bixy

    I have tried 5 times now to enter. Some kind of glitch with entry form!!!