Two New ‘Outlander’ Posters Greet the One Month Mark to the April 4th Return

It is officially one month until the premiere of the second half of season one of Outlander.  Starz has unveiled two new posters that mimic the first poster.  The first poster features Jamie (Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in the same pose as the original poster, but Jamie now has his hands on his sword and Claire is holding a dirk.  Frank’s hand is now Black Jack Randall (both played by Tobias Menzies).  To make things interesting, there is now a look at the other perspective of the poster.  Black Jack Randall has his sword drawn and Claire’s hand is there holding the dirk.  Both posters have the tagline, “The story continues.”  You can view an animated version of the posters by clicking here.

The idea for these new posters are brilliant, and big kudos to whomever thought of this idea.  This is a great treat for April fourth’s Droughtlander.

Starz has released details on these new posters:

“The new image acts as a continuation and echo of the premiere key art, but with a dark and dangerous tone. It depicts heroine Claire (Caitriona Balfe) in a moment of confrontation rather than one of transition. She and Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) have moved closer and are now a united front. As opposed to reaching back and trying to stay connected to the life and husband she left in 1945, this new image depicts Claire brandishing a dagger at “Black Jack” Randall (Tobias Menzies). A reverse shot of “Black Jack,” as seen from Claire and Jamie’s perspective, shows the peril they face and what they are up against during the second half of this season. An animated version (GIF) of the image is available here.


The key art was shot on location in the Scottish highlands by photographer Jason Bell with the three actors in the exact same location the original key art was shot.”

Official Poster Second Half Season One

Official Poster Second Half Season One


The original poster for reference:

Outlander Poster

Source: Outlander on Facebook, Starz

  • Robin

    I hope they sell the new one. I love it.

  • Michelle L Perez

    ::applauds:: FANTASTIC! LOVE THEM!!!!

  • Gingergirl

    Love them! They really do give fans a feeling of what’s to come. The facial expressions on both Jamie and Claire show the gritty strength and determination we all know they will need going forward. Still, Claire looks even more beautiful than ever…To me, BJR has a less than menacing expression and rather a look of caution for underestimated adversaries. Feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas to get here!

  • Outlandishly_hooked

    I love how they staged the new poster to mirror the original. And, if I am not mistaken, aren’t those Fraser colors Jamie is wearing in the new?

    • Gingergirl

      Yes, I do believe you are correct, they are Fraser colors. Good catch!

  • aussiesuzie

    Really love the poster its amazing well nearly Apr.the 4th!

  • stopbeingdelulu

    please Jamie get a haircut. i want it the way it was in episode 1-3
    he looks like a freakin Hobbit now 🙁