Sam Heughan Has What Every Fan Wants: The First Two Scripts for Season Two


Sam Heughan’s recent interview with critic Richard Crouse covered a lot familiar ground, but the first twenty seconds were filled with some very exciting news. Heughan revealed he recently received the first two scripts for season two via email (and speed reading them during lunch). He obviously kept mum about the script’s content and only joked that Jamie makes an untimely exit. The rest of the interview covers Heughan’s previous role as Batman in the touring stage show, Outlander strong female protagonist, the supportive fan base, and more.

Source: Richard Crouse

  • Connie Sandlin

    Wow! At least 2 scripts are done, apparently!

  • sassygurl

    I believe that’s what they’ve been doing it from last year, right?

  • cat

    insightful interview. I loved his answer about the characters not being feminist but rather strong, witty and adaptable characters, much like DG.

  • Joanne Smith

    Eloquent interview. Handled the feminism question very well.

    • revwarmidwf

      Yes, very well done. Honest, open. I appreciate all his hard work as an actor

  • von

    Amazing how he always sounds so enthusiastic and honest after so very many interviews now. Sam is always interesting & gentlemanly.