Many New Official and Behind the Scenes Photos Released for ‘Outlander’ Season One Part Two

Starz has released many new official photos from the second half of Season One of Outlander, as well as some behind the scenes photos (separate from those that post to their Instagram account).  These photos were released as part of their press kit.  These official photos do not come with descriptions attached, just who is in the photos.  Your guess is as good as mine as to what episodes each photo is from.

Those in the photos are Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Sam Heughan (Jamie), Tobias Menzies (Black Jack), Nell Hudson (Laoghaire), Duncan Lacroix (Murtagh), Grant O’Rourke (Rupert), Stephen Walters (Angus), Lotte Verbeek (Geillis), Simon Callow (Duke of Sandringham), Laura Donnelly (Jenny), Steven Cree (Ian), Bill Paterson (Ned), and Gary Lewis (Colum).

Happy Monday, Outlanders!

Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 OUT_116-20140911-EM_1480.jpg Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 OUT_113-20140703-ND_0175.jpg Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 Outlander 2014 OUT_114-20140807-ND_0167.jpg Outlander 2014 OUT_110-20140217-EM_0575_1057_Comp.jpg OUT_109-20140219-EM_0775.jpg OUT_111-20140502-ND_1019.dng Outlander1B Press Kit 16 OUT_113-20140710-ND_0156.jpg Outlander 2014 OUT_109-20140310-EM_1885.jpg Outlander 2014

Source: Starz, all photos copyright Sony Pictures Television

  • Gingergirl

    Cait is stunning…scottish landscapes, breathtaking! All great photos. These last few weeks are torture.

  • Ealasaid

    Seeing all these pics makes me want it to be April 4th already

  • aussiesuzie

    Really love these they all look just the part its brilliant!

  • von

    Great set of pics. Atmospheric . Feeling the era completely. Lots more please.

  • ingeborg oppenheimer

    does anybody know if episode 9 will be repeated for those who observe passover and will not be able to view it on april 4?

    • Penny Holbrook

      You can watch it on starz on demand, which I know is available on time warner cable, but I don’t know if this is also true of other cable providers. You can also see it on starz play (starzplay is one word) which can be watched on the Internet using a computer or a device such as an ipad). I downloaded the starzplay app to play it on my ipad.

  • DMc

    Is anyone else disappointed that the producers felt they had to resort to gratuitous sex this season? It’s borderline pornography and does nothing to move the story along. There are endless stories in the book. Use them.