First Look at Funko Pop! Concept Art for ‘Outlander’

Here are the concept art photos of the new Outlander collection from Funko in the Pop! action figure collection.  These are not final, as the fine print says that they are subject to licensor approval.  The action figures include Jamie Fraser, Frank Randall, Black Jack Randall, Claire Randall, and Dougal MacKenzie.  Claire even has her cowl!

I have never purchased one of these before, but I might need one of these.

Outlander-pop-vinyl (1)

Thanks to user Sunshineyness for sharing the link!

Source: Pop Vinyl

  • Sunshineyness

    I heard these were coming out and I was all, I’ll just buy Jamie and Claire, I’m sure they’ll look dumb but when I saw the concept art I was like, damn. I’m gonna buy the whole line they look too adorable

  • Carolee Luper

    Too bad you only show the positive comments> They are awful and PLEASE take the tacky things which are nothing like the show OFF this site!

    • alphadawg7

      I saw your posts on our Facebook page. You are welcome to voice your displeasure. Many fans would like to purchase things like this. This is news and we will always post news. We do not curate comments, getting rid of the negative ones. You are welcome to post your opinion, as are others.

      • Carolee Luper

        Dear Sarah, I know I sound like a grumpy old lady but am worried by the fact that the number of fans following this site and others seem to be getting quite low. The show had a HUGE fan base of people who adore the books and the show and I think that perhaps they are not happy about the lack of quality which has appeared in some of the stuff online lately. They don’t all protest, they just go away. I know it must be a really tough task trying to keep up the momentum but please remember that quality is a really important part of Outlander and it is not just the allure of the sex, etc. Know you don’t pick the stuff, but someone out there has to pay attention to this.

        • Lisa Blansett

          Those of us in the hoi polloi to which you so gleefully condescend will continue blissfully enjoying and celebrating these cultural icons rather than, as you do, devoting so much time trying to keep what you seem to think of as barbarians from the gates. I can assure you, however, that Western culture will not fall if more than a few of us buy those figures to mark our devotion.

  • Gingergirl

    Hope you don’t mind me voicing an opinion here….If the interest in following any of the Outlander sites is down, I think it is because of the 7 month hiatus and possibly because the award season has passed and there are no polls for anyone to get involved in. As for the quality of the merchandise some companies are starting to offer, it may not be to everyone’s liking, but I doubt it’s the reason for people staying away. I also don’t think it should be up to any of the fine people working on these sites for us, to decide what may be popular and what may not…I’m sure once April gets Here, the fans will all be back and excited again.

  • Chris Snoberger

    I can’t wait to buy the whole set! They are so cute!

  • Mary E Fast

    Can’t wait to get them.who are fans too?

  • The images of the new outlander pops have been released

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