Cast This: Master Raymond

***If you have not read Dragonfly in Amber (Book 2) and do not want to be spoiled, do not read this post.  You have been warned.***

For our third Cast This post, we are focusing on the character of Master Raymond. Master Raymond appears for the first time in Dragonfly in Amber.  He appears pretty early, as I have even come across him a few times in my re-read of the novel.  This is a character that probably not many fans have strong feelings about who would play him in the television series, but he is a beloved character.  Diana Gabaldon even said that she might write a book devoted to him, but he is present in The Space Between novella.

Here is a description:

We first encounter him in 1744 in Paris.

“‘How do you do?’ I (Claire) said to the top of his head.” Chapter 8, Dragonfly in Amber

“For Master Raymond resembled nothing so much as a large, genial frog.  A touch over four feet tall, barrel-chested and bandy-legged, he had the thick, clammy skin of a swamp dweller, and slightly bulbous, friendly black eyes.  Aside from the minor fact that he wasn’t green, all he lacked was warts.” Chapter 8, Dragonfly in Amber

“He lacked teeth altogether, enhancing the froggy impression still more, and I stared at him in fascination.” Chapter 8, Dragonfly in Amber

“Master Raymond waved her away, then hobbled to the window, coughing and clutching his sides, to open the leaded panes and allow some of the smoke to escape.

‘Oh, that’s better!’ww he said, inhaling deeply as the cold spring air rushed in.  He turned to me, smoothing back the long silver hair that brushed his shoulders.” Chapter 8, Dragonfly in Amber

“I explained my needs, and he nodded sagely as he listened, the thick gray hair swinging forward over his shoulders.  He wore no wig within the sanctum of his show, nor did he powder his hair.  It was brushed back from a high, wide forehead, and fell straight as a stick to his shoulders, where it ended abruptly, as though cut with a blunt pair of scissors.” Chapter 8, Dragonfly in Amber

Which actor would you choose to play Master Raymond and why?

Please comment below with your choice and add a photo of the actor if you choose. I will make a new post in a couple of weeks with your top three choices.  

Here are my personal suggestions that came to me while writing this post:

Tom Hollander

Tom Hollander

Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson

Wallace Shawn


Wallace Shawn


  • Jahna

    I was thinking Wallace Shawn.. Great choice!

  • Robin Mather

    Danny DeVito! Because….well, just look at him!

  • Lynn

    Hands down… Wallace Shawn! Although I’ve seen him in other productions over the years I’ve never learned his name before. However, as I scrolled down the page (Rowan Atkinson was my previous choice) Mr. Shawn immediately fulfilled my imagination’s vision of Master Raymond! And he has the skill and breadth to pull it off!!

  • bevatlol

    I’ve always seen Danny de Vito and only him as Maitre Raymond. The picture Robin posted says it all.

  • Shaz

    Danny DeVito! I’ve thought this for ages!! Glad some of you other outlander fan agree!

  • Barbara Schatt

    Wallace Shawn, he’s a favorite

  • Mathsbaker

    Warwick Davis is my master Raymond

  • Tracy Wykes

    Definitely Wallace Shawn!! From the start I thought of him…. Danny deVito is good too!! 🙂

  • Sue Wilson

    How about Timothy Spall?

  • Pam Kerns Coloton

    OMG, Wallace Shawn would be perfect.

  • Anne Hetherington

    Wallace Shawn!

  • Eilean (E Goodman)

    They all have rather large philtrums. But Rowan Atkinson is my pick. Wallace Shawn’s voice is too known and I will alway associate him with Princess Bride!

  • Gwen Dovecote

    How about Deep Roy?! He’s 4’4″, has those huge black eyes, and I imagine would really look the part in a long silver hairpiece!

  • Shelly Seales

    Anthony Hopkins. I know thats too much of a stretch but that’s how i see Master Raymond.

  • Outlandishly_hooked

    Wallace Shawn would be well cast. Not only is he a very good actor, at 5’2″, his height is perfect. I think he would be wonderful in this role. Danny DeVito is another good choice.

  • Wood, Cheryl

    What about Toby Jones as Master Raymond? He’s been serious enough but with a twinkle in his eye for most of his roles. I like him!

  • Michele Bennett

    I agree with the assessment that Wallace Shawn is too highly associated with Princess Bride and would come across as a caricature. Wouldn’t like Rowan Atkinson in the role for some of the same reasons: too comedic. I like Danny DeVito for the role.

  • Brandy

    I’ve always pictured Toby Jones.

  • Guest

    Yes he is dead but I always pictured Peter Lorre as Master Raymond when I read the books

  • Guest

    When I read the books a while back I always pictured Peter Lorre as Master Raymond. Yes the man is dead but this is who I pictured as the character. I do like Toby Jones or Deep Roy for the role though.

    • DrBlueFrogPhD

      I second Toby Jones!

  • Jeannie Farlow

    Some good suggestions here, but like many of you I have always pictured Danny Devito as Master Raymond!

  • Suzanne

    toby jones, he has the eyes, 5’5″, studied at L’École Internationale de Théâtre in Paris

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  • hasottee

    Perhaps Wallace Shawn, although I would rather see a hitherto unknown actor in the part. Definitely NOT Danny Davito or Timothy Spell. This guy’s personality has to be projected as genial and amusing on the surface…but with depths.

  • Lydia Baldini

    Toby Jones

  • MidOhioMilitia

    Wallace Shawn was my first thought because of his Ferengi charactor Zek on
    “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine”…he would be perfect!