• vanessa

    I think Sam is perfect for the role. But he is being very sexualized in the series… Jamie Fraser isn’t only sex appeal 😉

    • susan_house

      You’re right, because even though he is extremely attractive, Jamie’s sexiness comes from his intelligence.

      • and his goodness, his sense of morals and loyalty.

        • Lallie

          Yes! Big smile on my face to see you here.

      • Farmer_Girl

        Jamie’s sense of humor too. The Starz series doesn’t begin to show Jamie’s sense of humor like Gabaldon is able to accomplish in the books. A great sense of humor is a bigger turn on that a nice bum.

    • aussiesuzie

      Well said!

  • Peggy

    I think the next eight episodes will show more of his character (I hope)

    • aussiesuzie

      I do believe it will,just so lon to wait!

  • Peggy

    He IS JAMMF! And so many thought he was not right to play Jamie! Naughty girls, you were soooo wrong!!

  • lahela

    He is just perfect. His charm comes from his wit and that is HIS sex appeal! But he is also very good looking.

  • Pam Kerns Coloton

    I hope the next episodes bring out more of his character. He is a good actor and portrays a Highlander well. I’m just not feeling the Jamie character from the book on the tv series. For one he was much taller, more brawl and more intelligent in the books. Hopefully the next episodes will bring that out.

    • Rebecca Dornsife

      He’s actually the same size as the character in the book. Cat is just taller so he doesn’t look as large. Also, Diana said Jaime had muscle but was sleek not like a body builder.

    • Daisy

      I think they’re slowly letting us get to know Jamie in the series. I think he’s just as intelligent as Jamie in the book. Also, he’s as tall as Jamie in the book and Jamie in the book didn’t have more brawn. He was thin, more like a runner and that’s described in the book itself. Sam, after he bulked up just a bit, looks just as Jamie would have looked. I like it that Sam is playing him as a tad quieter until we get to know him well. I think Sam is doing a fabulous job. He’s got the nuances that Jamie had. Give him time!

    • Lallie

      I’m actually re-reading the book and IMHO, Sam has captured Jamie to a Tee. Never in the history of film or TV casting have I seen it better done. Never expected it nor did the show runners (Ron) to find him so quickly…he’s a bit of a miracle, once again IMHO :-)))

  • MontanaRed

    Broody Jamie.

  • MontanaRed

    And there’s evidence of big-time logging and replanting on the hillside across the way.

    • Margie Cordoza

      Hi Montana Red, I just had a quick trip home to Scotland and was thinking about your observation. I believe I am correct when I say that the Forestry Commission in Scotland has done a great job reformed ting regions that had been pretty much cleared of trees in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The trees are relatively new-growth and are harvested as needed, then replanted. It is gorgeous to see the forests in places that were bare all over our very small country. These forests add shelter, colour, and aid the wildlife. I don’t think you need to worry. Just enjoy all the scenery, especially Jaime.

      • MontanaRed

        Thanks for your reply, Margie. I hope to see that all for myself someday reasonably soon! It was indeed just an observation. Kinda hit me as somewhat anachronistic, since clear-cutting was probably not used much in Scotland in the 18th century. I live in an area where evidence of logging and reforestation is the norm. Forestry techniques continue to evolve.

        • Arizonadreaming

          i’m from western Montana and know clear cutting very well.

        • Jonesey78RD

          Actually just about every tree in the UK had been felled to build the hundreds of ships of the Georgian- and Victorian-era Royal Navies and civilian merchant ships. What trees that were left were used to fuel the furnaces of the early Industrial Revolution.

          Converting trees to charcoal in order to power industry was necessary until the Northeastern coalfields were finally exploited (~1800) in order to provide the INTENSE heat required for iron/steel-working.

          Britain was as denuded of trees to build fleets and provide charcoal for industry as was Lebanon when the ancient Phoneticians cut down their vast groves of cedar trees to build THEIR fleets! Even millennia later, the only place cedar trees are routinely seen in Lebanon is on its national flag! Hopefully, we will avoid this in the UK. 🙂

  • Stella

    What’s wrong with sex appeal? Jamie has it in spades!! Of course, he has charm, wit, intelligence and strength of character but his considerable physical attributes are also a very important part of who he is. Sam plays the role of my favourite fictional character to perfection. He embodies the essence of Jamie and I can’t imagine anyone else doing a better job. Kudos to you Sam!

  • Peggy Ullman Bell

    This picture looks like he’s broodily waiting for Clair to decide whether to go back through the stones or come down from Craig na Dun.

  • Ruth Conley

    I see Jamie as tender, charming, gentlemanly, chivalrous and caring, which to me is sexy as H—! But the scenes in which he IS firm with her have shown the tip of the ice burg of the character we shall see develop in the next episodes. I could not see ANY man acting as he does with Claire as not being sexy. But he is not lusty, and I love that. Who wants to be raped? Weel, maybe…………

  • Nina Mason

    I think Sam is doing an amazing job bringing the character of Jamie Fraser to life. I’ve read and adored all the books in the series and think the Starz series superb in every detail. Kudos to everyone involved on the show.

  • Wyn

    I hope the second part of season 1 brings out Jamie’s character more and depicts the complex man he is. So far in the first 8 episodes he is depicted as sorta one-dimensional. Sam Heughan is perfect for the role. He portrays Jamie’s physicality, tenderness and loyalty to a tee.

  • Never has there been a character more loved, coveted, desired as Jamie Fraser. I have had the luxury of seeing the series before reading the books and as I go thru them I see him as the character (as with the others I know) and it is very rewarding. Sam truly comes alive as Jamie Fraser as if he was born especially to play this role. As the series progresses, his character acting skills will bode him well as this series gets better and better with every book and adventure! Same for Ms. Balfe!
    Thanks for bringing such a great show to watch and anticipate!!!