Second Half Voiceovers to be Mostly Jamie’s

Diana Gabaldon

On Compuserv, earlier this afternoon, Diana Gabaldon (author of Outlander book series) revealed that most of the voiceovers in the second half of season one will be Jamie’s. Rather than just Claire’s inner monologue, as we have been privy to so far, we will also get to hear things from Jamie’s perspective. The first book is entirely from Claire’s point of view, so it’ll be interesting how they stretch the second half of the show to incorporate Jamie’s voice, as well. Rather than being concerned about the liberties the writers are starting to take from the source material, Diana seems pleased with how everything is going so far, or at least leaves her comments vague enough that any sign of displeasure is vacant. She has seen the footage through the end of the first season already, so she has a good idea of the creative choices being made and where they will be leaving off the story to carry into the next season.

“Don’t worry about it. I won’t tell you details or content of the second half, but I will tell you that most of the voiceovers are Jamie’s.


As in — there will be _two_ viewpoints going. Now that Jamie has a wife (and what a wife…) to take care of, he has reason to step out of the shadows.


(I’ve seen the completed episodes through 10, but I’ve seen the footage for all the episodes, and know what happens in them and how.)


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Source: Compuserv

  • Kay

    well then, this is getting very interesting.

  • Adrienne Foster

    The voiceovers need to be eliminated altogether; they’re slowing down the story. They may as well make this a musical.

  • MrsDiaz86

    I love the voiceovers. It lets us inside the characters’ heads. 🙂

  • Elizabeth Richards

    Thats just bragging

  • vanessa

    Thank GOD… and Diana because I thought it had very little screen time for Jamie in this first part.

  • Okay, now I’m happy. And relieved. 🙂

  • Louise Layton

    The anticipation grows steadily….love the idea of changes for next part. And yes, I’m not troubled at all with “adaptation” I think it keeps the story fresh!

  • aussiesuzie

    Glad about this.

  • LadyTrish

    Well, I love the voiceovers! It brings more detail to the story, to see what the characters are thinking!

  • Carla Maddox

    Great! I love Sam voice!!

  • joan chandler

    Good writers have created entertaining new material while keeping the spirit intact. Kudos to Diana for flexibility. 🙂

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  • ktinxx

    I only hope, it will not, in a later stage, turn into some kind of a “he said, she said” dialogue … I find the voiceovers distracting enough as it is.

  • AnitaC24

    This is a very thoughtful series — so, to me, the use of voiceovers add to the storyline and provide great inspection. The character of Claire is experiencing a multitude of emotions, and her comments provide clarity and give the viewers a better understanding than just the dialogue provides. Hearing Jamie’s perspective will be even more interesting.

  • Helen Chadwick

    I LOVE Sam’s voice – he could read me the alphabet and I’d be happy – glad to see his expanded viewpoint. As both Diana and Ron have said this is an adaptation and it is appropriate to present items that weren’t in the book but obviously happened. I’m sure that goes from presenting some things from Jamie’s viewpoint too. Bravo to Ron Moore, Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balf on great work!

  • Heather

    But it’s from Claire! The book is written from Claire’s point of view. I’m sure it will be great if Diana likes it we will too.