‘Outlander’ set to return April 2015 on Starz

Starz announced back in July that the first season of Outlander would be split in half, with eight episodes debuting in 2014 and the remaining episodes set for sometime in 2015. As the show heads into its midseason finale this Saturday, Deadline reports the first season will return on Saturday, April 4th for the season’s final eight episodes.


Source: Deadline

  • Peggy

    OMG! We have to wait six months!! I’m not sure I can last that long!!!! I can’t not see Sam daily. I love his smile! Will have to rely on Starz on demand to get daily fix.

  • ktinxx

    The picture above –

    Excuse me if I sound sacrilegious, but does anyone else think their bulky garments and curly hair make them look just like rather big Hobbits??

    You can even see Sam’s ear peeking through his locks, making him the spitting image of Samwise Gamgee of the LOTR trilogy! And that a somewhat run down Hobbiton behind them…

    (OMG, I am gong to be stoned for this… 😉

    • Peggy

      Too funny you say this because Sam was named after the Hobbit. He said in an interview his parents were “hippies” and loved Lord of the Rings. They read it every Christmas. His brother is named after a character also but I don’t know his name. LOL

      • ktinxx

        I remember reading that! But that was months ago, thanks for reminding me.

        I guess, in some people’s lives, things really do come full circle – sort of. 🙂

        • aussiesuzie

          Now is that all You could notice on them,they are quite handsome people,forget the ear LOL;-)

    • MariaSkate

      i don’t mind the clothes but yes, the ear detail totally “ruins” it…haven’t you had the impression already before that he looks a bit like a hobbit with this length of hair 🙂 ? it’s a bit odd…but well, he still is a very beautiful man.

      • stopbeingdelulu

        wish they would cut his hair the way they did it in the first two episodes 🙁
        i think he also had the shorter hair in the whipping scene.

        • aussiesuzie

          He’ll be having it clubbed in season 2 so he had to grow it..

      • aussiesuzie

        Gee sorry if that is all You can see I see some very authentic Scot looking people who are smashing looking both of them,also excellent actors.,& Sam is very handsome yes LOL;-)

        • MariaSkate

          nah when i read in a forum that someone compared this hairstyle to the Hobbits it made me lmfao. i personally don’t care, as yes, they do great with the acting and they both look great, stunning even at times.

  • Natalie

    They have gained so much momentum to just drop off for 6 months! This series has over 5 million viewers, why stop now!? I love the book and the show so I’m going to go crazy waiting around for the second half! I hope the time flies by quick b/c I’m going to need a Jaime fix! 🙂

    • julie19363

      if you have direct tv you can watch all the epis over and over and over~;-)

  • Tierni

    I have to say I am bummed, to say the least. I was settling myself down for the wait until January, now April?! It seems no help for it, as we are at their mercy! Long haul, long wait. Oh well….

  • Lynn K.

    & here I thought Feb. at the latest……yea…….sigh

  • catullus_1000

    Six months! SO disappointed. Guess I’ll just have to cancel my Starz subscription and start it up again in February.

  • MariaSkate

    what da…? 6 months?! that’s just cruel. but then, let’s hope that the waiting time between the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2 will be shorter.

  • stopbeingdelulu

    APRIL !?!?!?!
    why then call the next episode mid-season finale ??? its actually the season finale if we have to wait 6 MONTHS for the next episode.

    seriously..who is responsible for this ? if they didnt finish shooting early enough, why not just start airing the show in February 2015 and let us watch all of it ?

  • Carolee Luper

    This scheduled wait is sooo stupid! NO ONE is in favor of it. Wake up Starz, and realize the power of the huge fan base for Outlander! You are risking losin

    • Jonesey78RD

      Please, some of us have waited for well over 23 years to watch this – what’s another few months? Just as long as they maintain the show’s high level of quality. 🙂

  • Carolee Luper

    you are risking losing subscribers and new fans will be too impatient to wait that long! As usual, it is all about money!

  • aussiesuzie

    Too long,but maybe they have to film the second book sigh;-(

  • Vicki Sann

    April,!!! for a show that I truly love and being of Scottish Heritage it has been intriguing to say the least.

    Even though I sat through all episodes on Saturday 27, I still crave more. so we including myself will have to read the series of books.

    I always saw the Claire’s relationship with Frank was rather odd an as we all saw he did have tendency of Black Jack when the thugs tried to beat him an take the reward.

    Now I wonder whether or not Black Jack had children an if not does Frank live.
    We all prayed for Jamie came to the rescue.
    Let’s hope Starz is not like ABC.

  • Kitty

    This series is remarkable. I hate that we have to wait until April, ’15 to resume but I understand it takes a lot to film this series. I appreciate the filming of this show in Scotland, and of course the storyline. I read all 7 books years ago, and was immersed in the story then, as I am now. I could envision the story, the characters, the trials, the troubles that everyone encountered throughout this story. Now we can watch it. The scenes of Scotland, the castles, the highlands, the cast and all they do to make this series wonderful. I will have time to reread the books as I have all of them in hard copy. This is such a fantastic series. Bravo, to Diana Gabaldon for writing this novel, and to all the great characters that play their roles as if they were the original individuals living in Scotland during this time period. Of course Jamie, and Claire are outstanding, but my absolute favorite is Dougal MacKenzie, (Graham McTavish). My ancestors came to America from Scotland and I want to visit that beautiful country to see where my Scottish family forefathers lived and enjoyed this fine land, with such beauty.

    • margeh

      Hi Kitty,

      As you have read the books, maybe you can answer my question : where the tv show ends from the books? In the middle of the first book? I want to read what’s next until the tv show resumes in april. Thanks in advance for your answer.

  • Kita Smith

    WHAT EPISODE DID JAMIE APPEAR IN THE SAME TIME AS FRANK? I just realized I missed that scene that prompted the poster of Jamie the police have.

    • julie19363

      in the very beginning of the series, frank walks back from the rectory in the rain and see’s a scot watching claire brushing her hair. that was him standing when frank spoke to him. jamie then turned and walked away and vanished.

  • Pati

    April 4th!!! Are you trying to kill us? It was hard enough waiting for the series to finally start now we have to wait 6 months for part two. Cruel, very cruel… If there is a way to wear out a DVR recording, I will!

  • Terry Wagner

    Good bye Starz. Will resubscribe in April 2015 when Outlander returns. Whoever heard of mid season finale. 6 month wait is a definite finale. Not happy!! Why so short to begin with and now such a long hiatus?

  • mary watson

    Such terrible things happen to Claire and Jamie in the second half of the book. I just wonder how they are going to portray that in the second season. I just finished the book Outlander and am just exhausted with all the stuff that was going on!!!