First Preview for the Season One’s Second Half of ‘Outlander’

Second Half Season One Teaser Screen Cap

Definitely was not expecting a preview for episodes nine through sixteen of Outlander to pop up today.  It seems Starz is in the teasing mood and this is definitely a tease.  The preview shows only small glimpses of four scenes.  Sam Heughan (Jamie), Catiriona Balfe (Claire), and Tobias Menzies (Black Jack) are the only actors seen in the preview.

Any guesses as to what the end scene is depicting?

Source: Starz

  • aussiesuzie

    Us who read the books know what is coming,this is a bit of a tease,well roll on 2015,hoping STARZ will bring it forward PLEASE!

  • stopbeingdelulu

    what is this ? that not even a teaser, so please dont call it a preview.
    still cannot believe they’re are letting me wait 6 months to watch the rest of the season.
    it would be wise Starz not to air Outlander on sunday night because March/April are the months when we usually get our new season of GoT.

    • Creggan

      It seems like that was a major reason why Starz chose to air Outlander on Saturdays.

    • Gypsy in Purple

      Ditto.Whatever THAT was, it most definitely was NOT a preview -_^ ! Why do we have to wait sooo long for the second half of the first season? Does that then mean that Season 2 is going to start 2 months after Season 1 ends? With season 2 starting in August like Season 1 did???

      • stopbeingdelulu

        i dont think so. it took them forever to film this first season. they started production in October 2013…LAST YEAR !!!! they needed almost a year for the first season.
        seriously what took them so long ???

        i know GoT has only 10 episodes but they have tons of actors and actresses and a dozen different locations and they still manage to shoot most of one season during summer (in 2-3 months) and we get our new season EVERY year in spring……just sayin.

        but if they’ll really cut the numbers of episodes of season 2 (i’ve read on wikipedia that Starz ordered only 13 episodes this time), then maybe we’ll get the first half of the second season in autumn/winter.

  • Outlandishly_hooked

    Having read these books many times, I have a very good idea what’s happening here. But if I say it here it will be a big spoiler. My hint to other readers is that Jamie has apologized to Claire and is giving her a choice. A true expression of the love he now has for her.

  • Ruth Conley

    Have to agree. That was not even worth watching. I have dishes to wash!!!!!

  • Roberta

    Go to

    Go Behind the Scenes with Ronald D. Moore in Episode 108 (Video)
    There’s lots more video of episode and explanation here. It’s worth the wait for the coming episodes. BBC series only have 3 to 6 episodes per season then a longer wait. I’m still in withdrawl mode waiting for Benedict Cumberbach – Sherlock

  • Highland_Red

    This is certainly not a preview. I waited until last night to watch last week’s episode, thinking I would have the extreme luxury of seeing 2 episodes in one evening. To say I was disappointed was an understatement! I will most likely watch the episodes in April as I am a fan of the books, but trust me, Starz, making fans wait such an inordinately long time for the next “season” is a mistake. Viewers who don’t know the books will not come back. As far as competing with GoT, that’s another mistake. Frankly, I can’t articulate right now how annoyed I am about the lengthy hiatus. I’ve given up on many shows for less.