Throwback Thursday: Diana Gabaldon Edition

It is funny who you meet at SDCC.  First day and I am lined up to get in the Outlander booth, and I am standing behind a man who introduces himself as Lee Whiteside.  Lee works for Phoenix Comic Con and he tells me about meeting Diana in the early 1990s.  He pulls up on his phone the below photo of Diana at the 1991 Leprecon Science Fiction Convention, promoting her first novel, Outlander.

I thought everyone would get a kick out of seeing Diana so young and when Outlander was still a fresh novel.

Thanks, Lee!


Source: Lee Whiteside

  • Creggan

    I LOLd seeing how they spelled Dr. G’s name.

  • April

    Aw that’s so neat! And I thought she looked youthful now! Just look at her in her polkadot halter topped dress! Now, I was a reader of the book back then, but I had not delved into knowing Herself as a person yet.

  • Pattie

    I almost got a chill–it’s like history in the making! (And isn’t she adorable!)

  • Pat Cocivera

    so talented

  • tafkah

    Wow her clothing style has really evolved. She was rockin’ that polka dot halter though.

  • Mary G

    If you look closely …. It’s Claire! Hair … boobs (sorry, Diana)!! =)