The ‘Outlander’ Audience Keeps Growing

Outlander 2014

With a new series, sometimes you see the audience or viewers decrease after the first episode, usually because the show isn’t very good.  The exact opposite is happening with Outlander.  The audience has grown with every episode.  That means the word is spreading about this critically-acclaimed series.

The third episode had the largest audience so far.  1.003 million viewers watched the first showing of the third episode.  1.7 million watched it Saturday night, and 2.39 million watched it during the weekend.

Also, 62% of the viewers were women during the 9 PM premiere, and women made up 60% of the total viewers for all the Saturday showings.

Let’s hope the trend continues to through the eighth episode.

Sources: Tweets above, TV by the Numbers

  • Lorey Zlomke Christensen

    Fantastic News!

  • Janet Parks Golay

    Just wanted to know if Starz is pleased with the viewership? The show has been GREAT.

  • David R

    This really shouldn’t be but so surprising – if you take the 28M books sold, and make the WILD assumption that TRUE fans bought one copy of each (of the until VERY recently seven) edition, you get 4M discrete fans across the world (but mostly in the US). Even ignoring the fact that MANY fans depend on library-shared copies of the book, I’m somewhat surprised the viewership is so low! (we won’t mention the already rather large pre-Outlander Starz subscriber base) 🙂

    No, as more and more nations exercise their distribution rights (especially Germany and the UK), I expect the total number of viewers to increase considerably. 😀

  • Janet Parks Golay

    Watched #6 last night; it was awesome! Tobias hit a home run w/his portrayal of Black Jack; Cat was great followed closely by Graham. Way to go, Ron Moore.