Sixth Clip from Episode 102, “Castle Leoch”

Outlander 2014

This is the sixth clip released from the second episode of Outlander, “Castle Leoch.”  The clip is called “Something Like That” and features a conversation between Claire Beauchamp (Caitriona Balfe) and Mrs. Fitz (Annette Badland) about the treating of Jamie’s wounds.  Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) can be seen in the clip also.

Source: Starz

  • Faith

    Hmmm… since when did Mrs. Fitz become so suspicious? One thing that always struck me about her character was how welcoming and warm she was — down to earth, practical and good natured about the wacky ways of the people around her.

    • David R

      Ah, Faith (I love your name, it’s shared w/ J & C’s first child), ANY good Scottish chatelaine would be a bit suspicious of an English Lady (that’s a capital “L” lady) unashamedly wandering about in public wearing naught but her undergarments, and talking like a “Beaton”!

      The 21st Century equivalent would be to have a stunningly attractive supermodel walk into a public grocery wearing a “g-string” and “pasties” and start talking (using a “Sloane Ranger” accent) to the store manager about the latest advances in Neurosurgery.