Go Behind the Scenes with Ronald D. Moore in Episode 103 (Video)

Ron Moore 102

Ron Moore explains that a lot of episode 103, “The Way Out,” is not in the book.  He goes into some of the story changes, introducing Friar Bain, the herbs used in the episode, delving more into Geillis’ character.  [Spoiler warning:  If you have not seen episode 103 yet, do not watch this video.]

Click here to watch the video.

You can download the Ron’s podcast on the third episode by clicking here (iTunes link).

Source: Starz

  • Is there also a podcast for Episode 3?

    • librarygrrl64

      Was there one for episode 2?

      • MontanaRed

        Yes, there was a Ronald Moore & Terry Dresbach podcast for Ep. 2, complete with whisky.

  • Karen Mowry

    So many things different from Diana’s story! Verra disappointed because these things will be important to future episodes. Why the child who was poisoned rather than the baby left to the fairies? Why are Jamie and Claire not legally married yet when all these things are happening? Why does the son created by the bard tell Claire’s story? And on and on….Please stay true to her books! I am hoping for a story closer to the books!

    • alphadawg7

      Karen–I am going to delete your comment. Feel free to repost it in the review/recap post, but put a *book spoiler* warning on it.

  • Carol Taylor

    this is not fare..everything keeps coming up “not available in your area”..if l can access the site l should be able to access videos as well..this is not fare..they have not made a similar site for us Aussies to watch it through..

    • David R

      Ah, Carol – who ever said that life would be fair? If anyone should know this, it’s a citizen from the land of “Oz”, who have been the ginger-haired stepchildren of the Commonwealth ever since we were an empire 🙂

      I don’t know how you access the internet, but since I like to surf the web anonymously, I use Firefox’s anonymoX add-on to make it look like I’m accessing the web from the States (but I don’t know how well it would work for you on the other side of the planet). Just use “google.in” to search for “accessing the internet anonymously” for info on the subject (localized to your side of the planet).

      Hope this helps! (and hope you can get full access to “Outlanderworld”) 😀

      • Carol Taylor

        yeah..my son showed me that yesterday..tad bit to involved for me to attempt at this time..but he has shown me another link that may allow me to do what l want to try to do..