Take a Tour of Starz’s ‘Outlander’ Booth at SDCC with Outlander TV News

SDCC Booth

Below is a video I made to show you what Starz’s Outlander booth looked like at SDCC.  It was the last day of SDCC, and only had a few minutes to show you what the booth was all about.  No preparation, just me rattling off some narration while my friend Tim (who runs Downright Creepy) stepped in as videographer.

One correction to my narration, not everything in the booth came from the set of Outlander.  Only the trinkets, bottles, and the like are from the set.  The furniture is not.

Did I look tired, or did I looked tired?

Source: Outlander TV News

  • outlander pod

    Excellent job, Sarah! Love this 🙂

  • Connie Sandlin

    Thanks, Sarah! That was very informative. I had seen various still shots, but this was a good look at the castle, and I especially liked you pointed out the moss added to the castle walls for authenticity.

  • Kim Lovelady

    Thanks for giving us the inside view! That was wonderful. I didn’t have tix to SDCC so I played with the kilted man and the pipers outside! 😉 HA!

  • David R

    Thanks! In addition to getting to see the exhibit, we get to hear how you pronounce your name! 😀

  • Dorothy Truax

    Brilliant, thank you very much!! Those of us that live vicariously through you, salute you.