Sam Heughan takes over ‘Outlander’ on Instagram for Comic-Con

Jamie Fraser himself took over the official Outlander Instagram account today as the cast, Diana Gabaldon, and Ronald D. Moore brought the show to Comic-Con. Below are the all the photos from earlier today and another post may be up later if they continue to share photos throughout the night.

  • David R

    A shame that so many were out of focus 🙁

    Dr. G looks FABULOUS! It’s hard to believe that she’s in her 60’s, she looks twenty years younger. 😀

    Is that an aircraft carrier I see in the background of the first harbour shot? 😮

  • EEE

    Yes, it’s a carrier. The Midway, it’s a museum in downtown San Diego.

    • David R

      Cool, tks 🙂