It’s All About Jamie Fraser and Sam Heughan in the ‘Outlander’ Newsletter

Just like it was hinted in the last Outlander newsletter, the newest one that arrived in our inboxes this morning is focused on Sam Heughan and becoming Jamie Fraser. I especially love that first photo of Sam/Jamie in full regalia.  Looks like Sam is a heavy Outlander fan, now having read it at least three times.





Source: Starz

  • David R

    I must say he looks fine sitting on that big, black destrier! But he’s still wearing the MacKenzie hunting plaid – when are we going to see him in the Fraser of Lovat (mostly) red and black dress plaid? On THAT horse, it would be magnificent! 😀

  • jrpattz

    He looks awfully good sitting on Donas!

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  • duchess88

    sam + claire have a real spark between them that comes across in the video’s…..
    + jamie looks just like an auld scot of the highlands!!! haven’t been to scotland for decades but i will be there this year (after i have seen all the new Outlander series!!