Tobias Menzies Talks ‘Outlander’ Fans with Access Hollywood (Video)

Tobias Menzies Interview

In one of his first interviews from the Outlander set, Tobias Menzies (Frank and Jack Randall) talks with Access Hollywood about the books, their popularity, the fans, and Twitter.  (We aren’t that scary, Tobias!)

Source: Access Hollywood

  • Ginger Snaps

    Great actor! I did not read the books, so I am not able to critique the book vs. the Starz on screen version. I love Frank Randall’s character, and especially that particularly sweet scene where he walks down the street holding hands with Claire and easily talks her into marrying him. The two of them smiling happily, just a great scene. I know everyone wants to focus on his Black Jack character–which Menzies also does too well. At any rate, Menzies is fantastic. Tuned into Honourable Woman on Netflix just to catch his acting in something else. He was good in that also. I was disappointed that his character was killed so early on. Everyone is so sad for Jamie’s nasty scene with Black Jack at Wentworth. As bad as that went down, I was more sickened by the realistic portrayal of the pasty-faced Brits hanging the local “criminals.” What an awful time period for mankind.

    • Sarah Ksiazek

      I hope you enjoy this site. We try to keep spoiler warnings in place for non-readers. Glad to see you comment on the site!