New Starz Promotional Video Shows Some New ‘Outlander’ Shots

Outlander Graphic

Starz has a new promo running on their channel, promoting the films they are showing and also their original shows, including Outlander.  What should interest us all about this promo is that it has some new shots from Outlander included in it.

While the video quality isn’t great, you can pick out the new shots; the ritual at the stones, a red coat encounter, a man on a rising horse (can’t quite make out if this is Outlander or not), and Claire and Frank in a car.

Thanks to Outlander fan, Rachelle, for finding this and recording it!

  • Connie Sandlin

    Jamie on a horse when he (or someone) shouts “Tulach Ard” is in there.

    • alphadawg7

      I didn’t include that since it wasn’t “new.”

  • Connie Sandlin

    And what is that happening (and to whom it is it happening) at 0:38?

    • David R

      I’m pretty sure that is from the latest Ironman film (#3?) where “Pepper Potts” gets converted to something not entirely human. 🙁

      BTW, I really LIKE the fact that Starz is already including Outlander in their sizzle reels, even tho’ it’s not even SPRING yet! Maybe they ARE serious about a Summer 2014 release! 😀

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