New Behind the Scenes Photos (March 15, 2014)

Over the past few days, writer/producer Matt Roberts has share new behind the scene photos from the set of Outlander, including Caitriona Balfe as Claire and a few members of the MacKenzie clan. Follow Roberts on Twitter for more photos, including lovely scenic views.


  • vagibson

    Oh my God, will you all stop with the behind the scenes photos!!! You are ruining the illusion! Seriously!! The is my most favorite book series on EARTH – my enthusiasm for the Starz series is beginning to wane as a result of all of these photos mixing the old with the new – STOP IT!!! If you must post something, make it just the series photos – especially refrain from posting photos of the actors having “blood” or “mud” make-up applied. Seriously crushing of the fantasy/illusion of it all.
    Signed, AVID Outlander fan.

    • alphadawg7

      I would suggest not clicking on any post that mentions behind the scenes. We will continue to post these things, but it is your choice to click on the post and read and look at the photos. If you don’t want any spoilers, don’t read the post!!

    • ktinxx

      I have to agree with alphadawg7, Mandy and Mrs Bookworm. I think it is rather a strange demand, asking the site owners to refrain from posting behind the scene photos. If you come to this site searching for news on the production of this series, you already, implicitely, have accepted the fact that this is a tv production of fictional characters. Fictional characters only come to live when played by actors and the series is only as good as the makebelieve efforts of all those involved in the production. If you don’t want your illusion to be shattered, don’t come here. Instead, patiently wait for the series to premiere.

      • vagibson

        it’s just a shame you guys don’t get it.

        • Mandy

          vagibson, I think I might get your view on this, however, hear me out on why I respectfully disagree: there are those of us who – sometimes to the point of insanity – live, eat and breathe this brilliant series, those who know of the books and are indifferent, those who are catching on due to media coverage, etc., and those who haven’t discovered it yet. I don’t believe any but those of us crazy fans are even looking enough (or looking at all) at the BTS stuff to oversaturate to the point of spoilage. People who aren’t already devoted fans for life aren’t going to be into this enough to look at the BTS stuff on such a continuous basis for it to make a difference, and those who are being slowly drawn to it are satisfied by just getting basic / teaser information when they see an interview or trailer, etc.
          I guess I’m trying to say that I don’t believe anyone but us fanatics even come to sites like this one for the saturation of all things Outlander and BTS stuff, let alone even know about it, and those who do the searches and actually find this stuff are the ones who want the saturation.
          Interestingly enough, as much as I am insanely ecstatic for MOBY to come out, I’ve completely avoided reading Diana’s daily lines from the book because I hate going ahead of things, I hate carrot danglers and I hate spoilers, but I can’t get enough of the BTS pictures because I already know what’s going to happen in the series and its not showing me anything I don’t already know – it’s just putting a visual to what’s already been my head for years plus the bonus of seeing the actors interact with each other out of character. I think maybe you’re similar in the way of spoilers – but yours are the visual kind while mine are the verbal kind. Maybe it might benefit you personally to avoid the BTS pictures…?
          Either way, I’m sure none of us meant to be snooty with our responses, but regardless of opinion, I don’t think the BTS things should be removed so that those who want to see and read about them can’t just because a few don’t want to see them or believe they shouldn’t be seen at all…
          I’m going to trust the professionals at Starz and any others who are dealing with what they’re allowing to be released to the public – I truly believe they know what they’re doing and they wouldn’t release anything that they think would jeopardize the success and longevity of this fabulous project.
          Wow, was that long-winded enough?!

          • ktinxx

            Hear, hear!!
            I agree with all your points whole-heartedly.

          • babymoos

            Thanks Mandy, I totally agree. Seeing some stills or cast interviews will not dampen my ardor for this series. Odd to think that anyone could be a fan and not want some fun info and teasers. Its not like its a one or two hour movie that is going to be spoiled by a long trailer.

          • Wanda

            Mandy – you are absolutely RIGHT! Normal folk aren’t eating up every last detail they can, like we rabid followers of Diana’s tales of Jamie & Claire. I’m thrilled by the focus on getting everything “authentically” Scotland! For those worrying – stop it … you’re wasting time worrying about something which you have no control. Enjoy the journey …

  • I like them. I like seeing the actors as people and I like knowing how stuff is done. I also get vicarious pleasure from the pleasure of others so I love seeing other people having fun.

  • Mandy

    Some of us like the behind the scenes pictures… so if you don’t want to see them, the trick is not to click on the links that happen say, “behind the scenes.”

    • vagibson

      Someone already said that in this same conversation. I think you folks are missing the bigger point. I want more than anything for this series to succeed and I suppose I’m getting concerned that it won’t. I love seeing shots of the actors in character. However, I happen to believe, and yes I’m sure there are others that feel differently, that the more saturated the media waves become with ‘all-things-Outlander’ – without any filter – the more likely people are going to loose interest/enthusiasm and consequently perhaps not watch the series, which means, potentially, this (well meant) inundation results in a one-season wonder. There is no reason for folks to Reply with snippy comments, as others have done, we all want this series to succeed. Obviously I don’t need to click on the behind-the-scenes shots, but it’s hard not to when oftentimes those shots are mixed with pure character shots. Anyway, for me, as someone who has thoroughly enjoyed reading every word of every book in the series and was over the moon when I heard of the Starz series, to now have about 50% of that enthusiasm because of Outlander-overexposure – well that’s just sort of sad. I only hope my sentiments don’t begin to manifest themselves, consciously or subconsciously, in the minds other viewers/potential fans. It’ll kill the series.