‘Outlander’ on the New York Times Bestseller List

Outlander fans noticed that Outlander had landed on the New York Times Bestseller List at #12 for January 19, 2014 on the combined print/e-book fiction list.  Diana Gabaldon tweeted that this is the first time Outlander has been on the NYT Bestseller List.  Looks like all the press surrounding the TCAs, LA Fan Gathering, the trailer, new photos, and all around buzz on the upcoming TV series has boosted interest in the book.  Congrats, Diana!

Outlander NYT Bestseller

Source: NYT

  • Sharon Porray Levine

    but it says “originally published in 2004” – huh??

    • D R Allen

      It’s had a several different publishers over the years – my worn-out Dell paperback version is copyrighted 1991, but I forget when the Hardcopy first came out. Is it possible that 2004 is the copyright date for the audible version?

  • TJ Russell-Zapata

    She had an affair? Duh, she was married to Jamie.

    • D R Allen

      No, in HER mind she is a bigamist. And (per the author AND the producer) the story is told from HER viewpoint. IIRC, it’s not until in the second book in the series (Dragonfly in Amber) that a Catholic priest explains to her that since both husbands are not simultaneously alive, it is not bigamy. (there have got to be some REAL difficulties being a time traveller! 😛 )

  • suefni

    I’m surprised it hasn’t been there before! Should have been in my opinion!