Outlander Invades LA

So, as part of the ‘Television Critics Association Winter Tour’, ‘Outlander’ is invading Los Angeles this weekend! Here’s what we have from the Starz panel today (I’ll go in and add some commentary and all when I have a chance, but pulling all this together already took several hours and laptop battery is now dead):






















































  • D R Allen

    Thank you SO MUCH, Johanna, for your hard work and this compilation! 😀

    These photos show the brilliance in the casting of the two lead roles – Sam as the strong, handsome Scottish virgin; Caitriona as the beautiful, strong-willed (former) officer in the Military Nursing Service (QAIMNS?).

    It must have been amazing for the two actors, as well, to be in close proximity to a media superstar like Ron Moore and the brilliant Dr. Gabaldon – whose vivid imagination and extensive research created this entire [semi-] fictional world (to the delight of millions).