• vagibson

    I cannot wait for this to start. Oh my God, Sam Heughan is absolutely gorgeous. Perfect, perfect Jamie – and the shot (just above) where he’s looking at Claire…Oh my Lord, makes my insides melt. What an expression. Well done Sam. Yer makin’ the Ladies in the house all giddy ~

  • CAEdge

    Good grief… Cait is so tall Sam can barely see around her head to guide the horse! Instead of Claire’s hard head thumping Jamie’s chest – as described in the book – she’s going to give him a nose bleed or concussion…

  • D R Allen

    Wow! Now that we’re about to start the third season, it feels like it’s been twenty years that we’ve been together w/Cait and Sam, not just three. 😀

    I know we book fans ALWAYS knew that this was going to be a great show, but did the TV-only fans have ANY idea that it was destined to be such an internationally popular, award-winning success? That it would cause (in the States, at least) such an increase in subscribers that it made the Starz Network second ONLY to HBO in the premium cable industry? 😀

    Yep, the broadcast of the third season starts in just a little while, and I’m VERY much looking forward to the already-planned fourth season! :-O