Behind the Scenes Photos of ‘Outlander’ (December 24)

The “(and other details)” part of the title is missing because this is a quick (but important) post with just a couple of photos.

Outlander on Instagram posted a new photo of one of the dogs that will be in the series.  I believe this is a wolfhound crossed with a greyhound.  I am horrible at dog breeds.  Some are guessing that this might be Rollo, Jamie’s dog.  It might just be an extra dog on set. *Thanks to @mostlyalurker on Twitter, the dog is a Scottish Deerhound.

Update: I got my dogs mixed up!  I don’t have my book with me, so I went with Rollo.  I am thinking this might be Bran or some random dog from Leoch.

I could be classified as a snoop and the internet has encouraged my snooping around and Outlanders might have benefited from it.  I believe this is Nell Hudson in her extensions to play Laoghaire.  I am not commenting on the dress since that might not be her in costume, just a random shirt or dress.  What do you think?

Merry Christmas Eve! – Sarah

  • SherryLynn

    Rollo is Young Ians dog from later books 🙂

  • D R Allen

    According to the book, Jamie’s largest dog, “Bran”, is a staghound, “Elphin” and “Mars” are sheepdogs, and “Luke” a small terrier. But as they are still filming episodes three and four, and Jamie and Claire don’t return to Broch Tuarach until pretty late in the book – it is a LOT more likely that if we see a large dog, it would be “Nairn” (Bran’s grandfather) from one of Jamie’s childhood memories. Otherwise, there is/would be no particular shortage of MacKenzie dogs at the much larger Castle Leoch (whose names and breeds aren’t obvious).

  • Kris Holtan

    Rollo was Young Ian’s dog. I believe Jamie’s dog was Bran (at least one of them)

  • Guest

    That is an old picture of Nell from before her casting announcement.

  • Karli Anderson

    That is an old picture of Nell from before her casting announcement. You can find it here:

    • alphadawg7

      A lot of the cast was already set before they announced. The day they announce is not the same day they got the part or started working on the project.