The Daily Mail’s Set Photos of ‘Outlander’ with Caitriona Balfe as 1743 Claire

The Daily Mail has an article on Outlander and set photos of the series being filmed in Pollock Park, Glasgow, Scotland.  The article itself is just a repeat of information we already know from previous articles on Outlander, the tax break in Scotland, and the studio they are building/built.

Now to the juicy part of the article, the photos.  Caitriona Balfe (Claire), Stephen Walters (Angus Mhor), and possibly Roderick Gilkison (Hamish MacKenzie) although that could be just another red-headed boy that looks like him.  No Sam Heughan, unfortunately.  These are the first really good photos of Caitriona as 1743 Claire.

Anyone want to guess what they are filming here?  This is from before she receives the ring from Jamie.  She is only wearing the gold ring in these photos.

You can see the full article and all of the photos on The Daily Mail’s website.

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  • lrooda

    Love these pictures! So glad we don’t wear this style of dress today. Having wide hips, I would look like a semi with this dress on! LOL!

  • D R Allen

    I am mystified as to where (in the book) that Claire and a number of children would be in a rough camp whilst wearing dark 18th Century clothing (NTM, Ron Moore saying they had only just finished filming the first two episodes).

    She’s certainly in a rough camp around the MEN early on (but wearing 20th C clothing), and around children @ Castle Leoch wearing 18th C clothing (a pale lemon-yellow bodice provided to her by Mistress Fitzgibbons), but rough camp/kids/18th C??