Diana Gabaldon Comments Further AGAIN on Sam Heughan’s Casting

Sam Heughan horse

Author of Outlander, Diana Gabaldon, for some reason had to comment again about Sam Heughan’s casting as Jamie Fraser. This time she took to her website and blog to fully flesh out her point of view and how his casting all went down.

And it looks like those who are complaining about Sam’s hair not being red enough have gotten back to her as well.  It looks like Sam spent quite a bit of time and many visits to a hair salon to make it right, so what you see in that photo is what it will look like in that light.

I am not going to paraphrase or include excerpts so please just read Diana’s eloquent retort to all the doubters.

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At this point, it is just ridiculous.  So just stop.  I will reiterate this point which I have already made before: if you don’t like the casting, no one is making you watch the show.  Go read the book again and you will never have to complain to anyone because what you see in your head will be perfect.

As an aside to this important post from Diana, she did share a new picture of Sam Heughan out of costume.  It looks like the same outfit from when they shot the NYCC intro.

Sorry this post got a little more opinionated than news …. -S

  • Debra Marvin

    It’s just too crazy to think this has gone on this long. Seriously? I hope Diana, the production company and actors realize the extent of support they have and that the naysayers are just squeaky wheels… hopefully Herself’s post will put an end to it.

  • Leslie Rich

    I agree with you Debra, I am hoping people just reeeelaaaax! 🙂 Seriously every time I look at his pictures he looks more and more like… OMG.. Jamie Frasier!!!! WOW! How can that be??????? LOL 🙂

  • Sandie Russo

    What “herself” said. That’s all. 🙂

  • Sandra Giguere Mouratidis

    I dropped out of some Facebook groups because I was sooo tired of reading nothing but complaints about the casting. Good for Diana and good for you and I truly hope people stop complaining and start enjoying. I personally, am loving the way they are building up to the show. Every picture release, every new character cast is being perfectly timed which leaves me knowing… this is going to be GREAT!!!!

  • Linda Perry

    Hard to believe people are complaining about this casting choice, we couldn’t have gotten better for Jamie!