Grant O’Rourke Cast as Rupert MacKenzie in ‘Outlander’

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Actor Grant O’Rourke has been cast as Rupert MacKenzie in Starz’ new, original show, ‘Outlander’. Rupert is Dougal MacKenzie’s most trusted adviser and colleague.

IMDB reveals three actors by this name and the one connected with the ‘Outlander’ project has no acting history listed. We will update this post as further information on this actor is discovered.

You can also follow him on twitter at @boogaloochimp

Sam Heughan has already welcomed him to the ‘Outlander’ family and Diana Gabaldon said that she is especially excited to have him along for the ride because he is “hilarious”, according to posts they both made on twitter.

And now to add ours: Welcome to Clan Outlander, Mr. O’Rourke! We eagerly look forward to seeing your work. 🙂

  • D R Allen

    Grant is mostly known for his theatre performances (sparse records regarding which being somewhat of a weakness of the IMDb – is there a IS[tage]Db, perhaps?). Recently, he finished performing “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” (a monologue) as part of the “Edinburgh Festival Fringe” venue. Last winter, he performed in “Cinderella” at Royal Lyceum Theatre, also in Edinburgh.

    Further in the past (for example), in 2010 he played the title role of “Hamlet”, “In a Glasgow underworld setting where the men wear long coats and the women are decked out in skyscraper heels”, starting at the Greenwich Theatre, London (and touring from there). In 2009, he played the title role of “Richard III” as part of the “Bard in the Botanics” production in Glasgow.

    So far, his bit part in the hit television series “Taggart” in 2005 is the earliest citation I can find for him.