First Photo of Caitriona Balfe as Claire While Filming ‘Outlander’

Don’t get too excited!  It is actually just of her wrapped in a puffy coat, but we do see her hair, which will please many.  The Scottish newspaper The Daily Record has a small article in their paper today.  Outlander fan Jane Addison who lives in Scotland spotted the article and tweeted a photo of it.  So far, the article is not online yet.

The article describes the cast and crew shooting around a mock standing stone circle near a farm in Pitlochry, Perthshire.  Question is was this the first or second encounter with the stones?  I guess if they had reported if Tobias Menzies was near, it would have cleared that question up.



Source: Jane Addison on Twitter, Daily Record

  • Jane Addison

    So excited to see this on my screen 🙂 and it was me who started it !!!

  • DRA2012

    Jane, is there any way to contact DR and get them to fix their take on this production? I’ve checked their website, and they just say BIZARRE things about the show (that it’s Fantasy, not Historical Fiction, that the producers are providing the (Scottish!) cast w/notes on Scottish lingo, & etc.)

    You would never guess from reading articles published by that paper that this experienced BRITISH cast is producing a historical romance based on a series of book written by an author RENOWNED for her accuracy!

    • Jane Addison

      I’m not sure they would listen to a wee wifey from Glasgow lol. They started reporting Outlander as a SciFi drama!!! Was totally gob-smacked at that one. I think its going to take a conversation from Starz or a legit publicity site to put them right

    • Deanne

      There is an email addy in the article:
      [email protected]

      Probably a generic mailbox, but I bet if a few people, _politely_, helped them with this info, it might help!


    Yay….it’s really happening!

  • EDC

    Btw, Claire only goes through the stones once in Outlander.