Sam Heughan Previews His Recent Photo Shoot

While we are usually the type of site that will only post news and I usually do not like posting photos without some sort of article to go with it, I digress in this case.  Sam Heughan is really still a relatively unknown actor, so there is not many images of him around for press and publications.   On Twitter today, Sam showed us a preview shot of a photo shoot he just did today with photographer Faye Thomas (Twitter: @FayeThomasPhoto).  We do not know what the photo shoot was for, but I guess the below image will tide us over.  Ms. Thomas does do headshots for actors, but this photo has a different vibe from a typical headshot.

Sam Heughan

 And I would also like to point out that Sam Heughan retweeted this magazine cover with Michelle Dockery who you probably recognize from Downton Abbey.  It certainly made my eyes widen since a certain character has not been announced yet.

Source: Faye Thomas on Twitter, Sam Heughan on Twitter

  • TrueCeltGal

    Eyes reminiscent of whiskey…

  • Genevieve Graham

    I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I hope it’s not her. She’s already been Lady Mary. Give someone else a chance to break in. Sam’s new, and Claire should be new, too. A whole new experience for viewers/readers.

    • alphadawg7

      I think that would actually be nice. We would have no opinion as to disliking that actress with that approach, but since she is such a pivotal and important character, they may go with someone with someone recognizable and a good resume. I can see them bringing in some bigger names for the supporting cast. They would not have such a time commitment. Considering they are prepared to go many seasons if it does well, that may be a deterrent for a more well-known actress. Let’s hope the show does not go the way of Camelot and only run for one season. Sarah

      • Genevieve Graham

        Hopefully they’ll see Claire the same way as they saw Jamie. I’d be so sad if they’d just gone with a big name. Sam’s gonna rock it, and none of us will be saying “Oh, he was better in Superman” or “I really liked him in Downton Abbey” or whatever!

  • Lynne Pearson Caldwell

    Too thin and angular!

    • Dee

      I agree. Jamie (if I remember) is quite well-built and manly.