Diana Gabaldon Comments Further on Fans’ Reactions to Casting

Diana Gabaldon

I for one love that Diana Gabaldon interacts with her fans and is present on social media.  We both still run a site for the movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s The Host and Stephenie is nowhere on social media.  She uses her website to correct information and promote her projects.  Diana has created an accessibility for her fans and sometimes that can get a little frustrating. Diana posted this on her Facebook Page today:

Goodness gracious. Do y’all honestly think I have time to read 900 posts of pointless silliness about casting, let alone reply to them? If you _do_ think that, you might want to think again. <cough>

The only thing I _will_ say is (and this is honest curiosity on my part): What the HECK do you expect to accomplish by hopping up and down shouting, “I don’t like _him_, I want HIM!”?

If you’d just like me to respect your personal opinion–of course I do. You’re always welcome to share your own views of things here. Every single reader has his or her own mental images of the characters and situations in any book, and why not?

On the other hand, if you expect your opinion actually to have any effect on anyone else–let alone the producers of the new tv series…eh…good luck with that.

P.S. In re “supporting my lifestyle”…<g>. Do y’all feel that you’re subsidizing the lifestyle of the supermarket checker who bags your groceries? Are you helping to put the late Steve Jobs’s kids through college? ‘Cuz you are–every bit as much as you support me. I write books, and if you want to buy them, I’m really pleased. But all I owe you is the best book I can write. That much, I promise you.

At this point, all we can do is guess as to the casting for the TV show.  Diana is not in charge of casting, and frankly this is not a democracy.  Whomever they cast, that is who we have. This fandom has been going for over 25 years.  We all have our ideas of what actor should portray these characters, but if you don’t like the final choices, then do not watch the show and just reread the books.   So let’s just stop spamming her with suggestions and complaints, okay?

*gets off soapbox*

Thank you, Diana, for being so gracious to all of us.

  • Hear, hear!

  • theresa

    I cannot for the life of me imagine the audacity of people. who do they think they are?! As much as “we” have an image of Jamie or Claire, so does Diana … whom (cough cough) they belong to! How about we, the fans, shut our mouths and let the experts decide who would be best for the parts. As you have said, if we don’t agree or like the show, there is an “off” button.

  • Maria Kakolyris

    As most reasonable fans will agree; we love Diana and the books! We certainly can not hold Diana responsible for the casting done by the production company. Diana had already explained in past postings that she has no say in the casting. She may or may not have her own opinions as to who she would like to see in the roles of the character she created, however, it would hardly be appropriate for her to share that publicly. Her work has been optioned by STARZ and Tall Ship Productions.

    Although we might enjoy speculating who will get the roles and who we envision in each part; clearly once the production company has completed casting each roll we must accept that the choice has been made. As a fan of the books from day one of their release I fully support the project and all those involved. Let’s encourage all of the staff and actors in their efforts to bring our beloved story and charecters to life.

  • Heather Hindle

    I figure if it turns out that I don’t like the TV show, I just won’t watch it. I’ll have lost nothing. The books are amazing. The next book will still come out. Really not worth being rude to the source of all Jamie and Claire goodness.

  • Guest

    This same thing happened when they were casting for True Blood. I wasn’t crazy about some of the charaters. That said they did grow on me as I watched the show. The only thing that I didn’t like was the way the show played out. They veered off into right field an it wasn’t so much about the books that I loved anymore. The real problem with TV is the writers.The can make or break a book to TV project..I still look forward to watching it.

  • Margie Linder Weaver

    The same thing happened when they were casting for True Blood. I wasn’t crazy about some of the people they picked but they grew on me as I watched the show. The real problem with a book to tv project is the writers. True Blood went way out to right field an wasn’t so much like the books I so loved. I have high hopes for Outlander an look forward to watching. Thanks again Diana for a wonderful series.

  • Guest

    Way out to left field.

  • Louise Shiner

    grow up people. Diana has taken her life, part of it to show a story. If I could, I would insure her hands and brain.. Amazing lady. As for casting, its up to the show producers and casting people. I do hope they stick with authentic scots accented actors.. English as well. Thank you for putting it all down Diana.