Cast This: Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser

While we are waiting for Outlander TV News to take its final form, we would like to introduce you to something we used to do on The Host Movie News.  It is called Cast This and it is your turn to tell us who you think should be Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser in the Outlander TV series on Starz.

Just tell us who has your vote in the comments section of this post and add a photo if you like as well.  After a period of time, we will tally up the votes and put the top choices in a new post.  Now that we know who will be playing Jamie Fraser (the one and only Sam Heughan), this also lets us think about who would look best by his side.  If the actress who is cast as Claire is announced before this round of Cast This has ended, we will tally up what we have so far and maybe some of you could have chosen correctly.

I have an inkling that maybe we will end up with another relative unknown actress being cast as Claire.  I think maybe it would be best, but for me (Sarah), I have always liked Gemma Arterton as Claire.  She is not super skinny and she has curves.  She is not opposed to nudity, so that helps.  She has started booking a lot of top roles in the past few years, so it may be a long shot for her to take on a TV role.

gemma_arterton_2988994 gemma-arterton-red-dress tumblr_ll1iomFs0Q1qiacc4o1_500

Alright, now it is your turn . . .

  • Vanessa Jeakins

    Just saw an audition yesterday on Vimeo and can’t stop thinking of this girl as our Claire! She’s seems perfect….same height, slender but curvy body, curly hair, is not British but her accent was great and she also speaks french apparently!

    And the fact that I know she actually auditioned for the role is obviously a great starting point/means there is a chance! lol!

    • Guest7

      She has the looks to make a good Laoghaire, but not Claire.
      My vote is for Ann Pirvu!

      • April

        Oh I could see her as Laoghaire as well!

  • Maryanne Zampella Eggers

    The best audition tape I have seen has been by Linzee Barclay…and MANY of us loyal DG fans agree…SHE is CLAIRE!…CHECK HER OUT!


    • ann marsden

      Yes, she seems to be the one that fans agree on across the board (fb fan groups).

      Captures the spirit. Hair dye and contacts will take care of the rest 🙂

      • April

        I thought she was a bit too cold and severe for Claire. She was one of the better ones I’ve seen, but I am still quite firmly entrenched in Ann Pirvu’s camp. My guess is neither of them is under serious consideration at this point…but both Linzee and & were head and shoulders above most of the auditions I’ve been able to find and watch.

        Gemma Aterton doesn’t fit my idea of Claire, sorry. Everyone has their own opinion. I just hope whomever they cast will be as unifying for the fanbase as Sam Heughan has been. It’s nice to have consensus on Jamie, at least! I hope we hear soon. I’m getting worn out with waiting!

        PS: If Ann doesn’t make the cut for Claire–I think she’d be an excellent contender for the part of Jenny Murray as well.

  • BAEinig

    I think Gemma Arterton is absolutely perfect for Claire!! She has training in French, a great look, & is British! Hope she’s available & is willing to read the books so she totally understands Claire! No wimpy acting please!

  • April

    I want Ann Pirvu–and there are many in agreement on this! She captures the “glass face” of Claire Randall Fraser–you can see what she is thinking plainly on her face as she reacts to lines in her audition tape. I can also see her paired with Sam Heughan–I think the two of them would melt the screen if their chemistry is anything like what I think it would be. And I think it is plain to see in this audition just why JAMMF would be immediately besotted with her. We are.

    • Susan Pelley Filtrante

      Loved the audition ! I grew to love her in the first moments of the video just based on her facial expressions!

    • Genevieve Graham

      Ann Pirvu would be wonderful, I believe.

    • Elisabeth Clark

      I really really hope they wont cast her – her English accent was ghastly and her acting wasn’t that special either. If it wasn’t for the Twitter craze about her vimeo tape I would have forgotten about her immediately.
      But I doubt (and hope) that she wont make the final cut – or else she probably wouldn’t be allowed to share so much on twitter, with all her ‘fingers crossed’ and #possibleClaire.

  • Carrie

    Ann Pirvu! She has that face that’s like an open book. You can see everything she’s thinking… definitely our Claire! She has a great energy about her, and is super sweet to boot.

  • Lisa Branford

    I’m really sold on Ann Pirvu for Claire. I saw her audition on vimeo and loved her “I won’t laugh” facial expressions when “Jamie” was explaining what he was expecting from his first time. She captured Claire in all of her many facets in just 6 minutes.

  • NunnyaBiz

    I like them both, but Gemma appears to be way too busy. Checking IMDB, she has SIX pre-productions going on through 2014. Ann Pirvu looks the part, but seems to be too young. Claire is supposed to be older. Just my opinion.

  • Guest 2

    I can’t believe I didn’t think of her with all the Claire casting I’ve been reading, but I know an actress who would be great for the role. She’s a little shorter than Claire’s 5’6″ and I’m not sure about the English accent, but I love the intelligence, pluck, strength and passion she brings to her roles. Her name is Mel Marginet from Winnipeg, Canada. I saw her in a couple of plays put on by her and her partner’s theatre company, Theatre by the River. In the real world, I’ll be happy with whomever they choose!

  • Guest7

    She is beautiful, charming, and has that quality where I want to like her and not be jealous of her. 😉

  • Guest7

    Ann Pirvu!!!! Here’s a picture…

    • Guest 8

      Ann Pirvu

      • Judi Hester Thein

        I don’t care for her as Claire, but I do think she would make a good Bree.

        • Deanne

          Gotta say, I don’t care for her as Claire either…. I could see her as Malva tho’

  • Guest7

    Ann Pirvu
    (sorry, last picture didn’t come through, here is one)

    • April

      I hadn’t seen this picture of Ann–she looks so lovely! Even though she did not get the role, I’m a fan now. She’s just a doll. She’s recently got TWO new roles so she’s doing quite well….though I’ve not given up on the possibility that maybe Starz would consider her for Jenny!

      I tam pleased with the ultimate decision for Caitriona Balfe to play Claire. I’m looking very forward to see her with hair/makeup/wardrobe. I’m excited!

  • TrueCeltGal

    I like Ann Pirvu….though my dream casting would be Haley Atwell. Her light make-up face reminds me a little of Diana G too.

    • Judi Hester Thein

      Haley Atwell! She was wonderful as Aleina in Pillars of the Earth and as Bess Foster in The Duchess. She would be a perfect Claire!

    • April

      She certainly has the eyes!

  • Kat

    We’re supposed to be able to read Claire like a book. Her every emotion plays on her face.

    The ONLY audition that captured Claire’s expressive nature….hands down….Ann Pirvu.

    It was SUCH a joy to read Outlander alongside her, and watch her fall in love with the story, as we have.

    She ‘gets’ Claire….therefore I’d love to see her ‘get’ the role. ❤

  • Elisabeth Clark

    There are SO MANY talented, young and (most importantly) English actresses that I hope that the casting directors wont settle on a person who would have to (badly) fake the accent and who constantly milks the craze about her on twitter (yes, I am talking Ann Pirvu – sorry, really wasn’t convinced at all by her audition tape)
    Someone like Emily Blunt, Gemma Arterton, Rebecca Hall, Haylee Atwell etc etc would be much better IMHO.

  • Jen Bruce

    Ann Pirvu is my first choice. She was pretty spot-on in the audition video especially in comparison with the others I’d seen – and she hadn’t even read the book yet! Just imagine how.good she could be once she has full comprehensive of Claire.

  • MovieBuzz911

    Cloudia Swann is an english rose who has been making great progression on UK and European screens. I saw her at RPG premier- sci fi thriller with Rutger Hauer, she is very raw, strong and vulnarable perfect for our Claire.

  • Deanne

    I’m finding all the casting speculation is very hard to take.
    Sam was such a pleasant surprise when announced, I could see he had Jamie potential right off, and that gets clearer all the time, but I fear the craziness around Claire-guessing is too much for me!
    I had seen some of the buzz about Ann P. online, and when I finally went to check out the Vimeo I was so disappointed. Yes, she’s pretty and expressive and all that good stuff, but I fear next to Sam she would look like a flirtatious girl, not a self-assured, smart strong woman. But yet so many people were so very excited about her, and rooting for her openly…. I didn’t and still don’t quite get it. (I’ve ignored her not-at-all-right accent – I’m assuming/hoping they’d have a dialect coach!)
    So I am trying very hard to _not_ to get swept up in the discussion… It’s hard! and every time I watch a show with a brunette British actress I think “Claire…?”
    (Have you seen “First Light”? Tuppence Middleton has potential I think 😉
    Hopefully it will be all over soon!

  • Susan Smallwood

    She is too young to be able to sustain the majority of this series. Claire is in her 30s for one book. She is over 50 for the rest of the novels. Why are we not looking for a woman who can be made to look younger for a shorter period of time but that looks like a beautiful mature woman? Although Irish, her accent is beautiful, and polished. I nominate Orla Brady for the role. She’s got the hair. She’s got the look. And in her role on Fringe, played a beautiful 30 something woman and fantastic 50+ woman. Someone call her agent.

    • guest26

      In Outlander (the first book) Claire is age 26 when she goes through time and turns 27 on October 20th in 1743.

  • Guest 2

    I was talking to my sis about who could be Claire. She watches Boardwalk Empire and mentioned Kelly Macdonald who is now off the show. Whisky coloured eyes and she can fill out a dress. She’s 38 though. I think she maybe too old for the initial Claire, but as sis points out look at the actors playing teens in high school dramas. Nothing showing as upcoming work on IMDb so…

    • April

      Though the ultimately went with a 35 year old actress…so 38 not so much a stretch! 🙂