First Official Look at the Costumes for Season Four of ‘Outlander’

Today, Starz shared a short video of the cast of Outlander expressing excitement about the season three finale, and a reminder to watch it on Starz.  The video was filmed on a season four set, and the cast, Caitriona Balfe, Sam Heughan, César Domboy, John Bell, and Lauren Lyle, are all in costume.  It’s nice to see the tricorn is here to stay for season four.

Source: Starz

  • Ronnda Lynn Pagan

    The whole season was great. This finale episode was jammed packed with several scenes about how to find Ian. I loved how Lord John put Leonard in his place about arresting Jamie without proper warrants or evidence to prove otherwise. I enjoyed how Jamie found Claire and they ran into the natives doing their native dance. It was another great episode as was all of the episodes this season. I look forward to the new season coming up and the adventures that pop up for all of them and the addition of Brianna and Roger with the new characters.

    • reswing

      In the book story’s ending, Jamie and Clare were treated most hospitably. Doesn’t it bother anyone that, when they were washed up on the beach, the American couple calously did nothing except give directions and stroll off ?

      • Kathleen Laurenzo

        Yup, totally bothered me! They mentioned others were seeing to the rest of the survivors. It would not have added to the run time for them to have said “come with us”.

        • Ronnda Lynn Pagan

          Very true and see who survived from the ship.