Are You Ready for It? New ‘Outlander’ Season Three Trailer

With less than a week until Outlander returns, we have a brand new trailer that has some scenes we have never had a glimpse at yet.  It looks like Starz is throwing caution to the wind and letting the spoilers slide in the form of some of these images.

Also included in this post are two text trailer for Jamie and Claire, as well as another one that was used to promote the Starz app.

Screencaps of new scenes are below the trailers. (Oh, and I still deplore these box trailers.  Please go back to widescreen, please, Twitter and Facebook.)

Source: Starz

  • Sarah Johnson

    I like that in the newer trailer when Jamie throws his shirt down he seems a bit annoyed but not sure how I feel about how interested he looks when she’s leaning in to kiss him. I love the moment with Claire and Joe. Also when Claire says its time to go home. All this seasons eps should be interesting but especially the first 5 when they are apart.

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