New ‘Outlander’ Season Three Scene Revealed in a Jamie Gif

This has to be a first for Outlander.  Starz released a brand new “scene” from season three of Jamie (Sam Heughan), but it is Gif form (or .gif).  Based on his costume, what part of the story do you think this is from?

Looks like he might be wearing the same costume from this photo:

Source: Starz

  • Facebook User

    Based on the book, Jamie is speaking to Willie about Claire as he says good bye.

  • Melissa Ray

    Oh I can’t wait! #KingOfMen #JeSuisPrest

  • Beth MacLeod

    I think its on their return to Paris and he is referring to Faith his stillborn child with Claire.

    • distachio

      Wrong book/season.

      This is the scene in the stables when Willie asks why he burns a candle in front of a statue of Mary:

      “Who do you remember?” Willie glanced up at him. His hair was standing on end, rumpled by his earlier distress, but his blue eyes were clear with interest.
      “Oh, a good many people. My family in the Highlands—my sister and her family. Friends. My wife.” And sometimes the candle burned in memory of a young and reckless girl named Geneva, but he did not say that.
      Willie frowned. “You haven’t got a wife.”
      “No. Not anymore. But I remember her always.”

  • Debbie Williams

    Jamie is explaining to Willie why Papists burn candles. He tells him it is a way of praying and remembering. Jamie proceeds to tell him the people he remembers including his wife. Willie says he has no wife. Jamie says “No. Not anymore. But I remember her always.” Jamie looks so heartbroken in this scene that I just want to cry. Cannot wait for September to arrive!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • whazupbro

      That was my first thought as I just read that part again very recently. I believe you have the right scene.

    • distachio

      That’s the scene, exactly.

  • Holly Richter-White

    I love how everyone thinks the TV writers (and STARZ) will take a favourite book quote and use it exactly where they did in the books, in the TV production.

    The last laugh will be on us.

    They will only aim to protect the quote, not where they place it.

    We, as fans should all be smart enough by now, no? We must think broadly.

    Did they use this quote in S2? No. So it’s fair game for the Willie scene OR for when he rekindles with Claire.

    Open yourselves and your expectations now. Then, and only then will we have an amazing season!