David Berry on Lord John Grey and Sam Heughan (Video)

David Berry (Lord John Grey) was interviewed on the red carpet of the 6th Annual Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts (AACTA)’s.  David Berry is well known in Australia for playing James on A Place to Call Home.  In this interview, he is asked about his new role on Outlander and working with Sam Heughan.

Source: Showcase


  • D R Allen

    I’ve watched A Place to Call Home, and David was amazing! I (not realizing he had been cast as Lord John) marvelled at his physical appearance (he’s so handsome, he’s beautiful), and his portrayal of a post-WW2 semi-rural Aussie poof being “cured” of his “perversions” (and then slowly reverting after his family rescued him from the asylum) was heart wrenching.

    It may or may not be considered “type-casting”, but if there is anyone who can convincingly play the role of a stunningly attractive gay man, who (since at the time, it was a capital offense) had to conceal his nature from all but his most intimate associates, it’s David Berry. I’m certain that his portrayal of Lord John Grey is going to be brilliant! 😀