Deleted Scene from ‘Outlander’ Episode 202, “Not in Scotland Anymore”

Starz was gracious enough to share this deleted scene on social media.  It is a scene cut from the beginning of Outlander episode 202, “Not in Scotland Anymore.”  Ronald D. Moore explains why it was cut and what scene it led into for the episode.  The explanation on the Blu-ray by Ron is much longer than what is shown here, but I guess you will have to buy it to find out. 🙂

Source: Starz

  • konnie

    I know there are a million of us who would prefer all 2-1/2 million words be filmed. but we know that just can’t happen. We need to applaud Moore on his sensitivity to the fans of Diana’s words,our devotion to the story, and our protection of the characters. The casting has been beyond our hopes, and the visuals beyond our imaginations.