More Comments from the ‘Outlander’ Cast and Crew on the Season Two Finale

Today is the last day before the U.S. sees the Outlander season two finale, “Dragonfly in Amber.”  It comes online tonight for those with the Starz app.  A few quotes and videos have come out about the finale, and here they are below.  If anymore articles/interviews make their way online today or tomorrow, we will add them here.

E! Online:

“It’s so emotional,” executive producer Maril Davis told us of the finale. “It’s so amazing to see Claire kind of back in her time. Obviously production design did an amazing job, and it’s such a satisfying finale…It’s heartbreaking and emotional but so satisfying.”

“I loved the writing in this,” she (Caitriona) tells E! News. “It’s really great. It’s a very interesting journey for Claire. Going back is very powerful and very interesting. The finale, it’s a heartbreaker, but I’m really excited for people to see it, except that it means it’s the last one.”

As for Sam Heughan, he’s most excited for fans to see one thing in particular—”the last scene.”

Access Hollywood (via YouTube):


“She does love Frank, and probably continues to love him, but in an altered form when she’s in love with Jamie, but she does not forget Frank,” Gabaldon said. “She remains emotionally engaged with him, but their relationship is naturally going to be affected by what went on.”

“When we get to the end of the season when the battles take place — I’m not giving away too much — but we lose some characters,” Heughan  said “It really does become very emotional.”

9 News (Entertainment Tonight):

“Once we started this season with Claire already having gone back [to her present time,] we knew we wanted to catch up with her and find out what happened to her,” [Maril] Davis said of the finale’s highly anticipated time jump. “[Co-executive producer/writer] Matt [Roberts] and [executive producer/writer] Toni [Graphia] had this idea of doing this parallel structure where we’ll see what’s happening in the lead-up to the Battle of Culloden, as well as see Claire back in the 1960s and lead up to what she’s doing now.”

“It was a little tricky, structure-wise, because obviously both of those stories unfold at different rhythms,” she continued, “With Culloden, there is a definite pace to it and you should always feel that tension, whereas the Claire and Brianna arrival story unfolds in a much more languid pace, but that’s purposeful. There’s supposed to be a difference in that way.”

“When Brianna starts out, she’s a young woman who is somewhat at odds with her mother,” Davis revealed. There’s something that Bri feels that her mother has been keeping secret from her for 20 years, so there’s always a little bit of a coldness or a distance in their relationship.”

She continued, “We needed an actress who could bring some warmth to that character and we found that in Sophie. She’s just lovely and in real life she’s so charming and so gregarious and just brings so much to the part. It did take a while to find her, but we’re very pleased.”

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  • Diane

    Interesting that, even as a book fan, Maril so rarely mentions Jamie – honest about drift of story at least.

    • Sirilicious

      Well, if Ron and Maril hate Jamie as much a some rabid fans believe, I’m sure he’ll be dead by season 4.

      • Diane

        Wow, that’s a little harsh. I didn’t even know there are rabid fans that think Ron and Maril hate Jamie. Actually I don’t know what a rabid fan is, and I certainly don’t think Ron and Maril are children in a schoolyard.
        I believe the character has been reworked since since season 1 (beyond ptsd) and that the show made a decision to redefine Claire as a more individual heroine and singular lead. I’m not even complaining about it here. Shows do things like that for all kinds of reasons, the story as they see it might work better that way, the network might want a story that focuses more on its female heroine – who knows. Creative choices or choices made to keep the show on the air. Of course, I’m curious about how decisions are made (about anything) but I would never imagine that a producer “hates” a character.

        • Sirilicious

          Yeah, it’s pretty ridiculous. I’m, sure they’d have chosen another book series to adapt, if they felt that strongly about a lead.
          Do you listen to the podcasts? They are pretty informative about their choices and changes from the books. I don’t really see they made Claire more individual or singular after season one, I thought it was that way in S1 already (and the books).
          I don’t see it as a reworking of Jamie, but him finally growing up, having responsibilities, the necessity of deceiving the Jacobites AND PTSD. To me it feels like natural progression.

    • KornBred4u

      Hummm— this has been an interesting little chat — of course Claire is the focus — she is the one telling the story — it is from her viewpoint— hummm—

  • Norma

    I watched the season 2 finale at 12:30 am CST on Starz. It definitely did not disappoint!

  • Gail F

    In the books, the relationship between Claire and Brianna never had any coldness. Brianna was upset due to Frank’s death and her mother’s apparent delusions of traveling through time, but Claire had been a very loving mother and Bree loved her too.

    • KornBred4u

      Bri was very angry when Claire tries to tell her about her birth father– she rejects her mother’s revelation. There was so much to cover to get Claire back from 1746 to 1968 it was difficult to condense into 90 minutes.
      Some of my favorite parts were left out and relationships were rearranged( in the book Dougal takes Rupert’s life when Rupert is mortally wounded), but for the flow of the story, the adaption was great.
      I can’t wait til next season–Voyager is my second favorite book in the series– the first book; Outlander being my favorite. The reuniting of Clair and Jamie should be spectacular!
      I am intrigued to see how they handle all the space between her leaving and their reuniting– after all -Jamie was a busy boy during those years!!