Go Behind the Scenes with Ronald D. Moore and Anne Kenney in Episode 208 (Video)

Executive producer Ronald D. Moore and writer/producer Anne Kenney take us behind the scenes of the return to Scotland in episode 208, “The Fox’s Lair.”  Anne Kenney discusses why Laoghaire is in this episode, what attribute is missing from Lord Lovat, and Jamie and the baby scene.

You can also listen to the official Outlander episode 208 podcast.

Source: Starz

  • Carolee Luper

    Too bad this episode failed so completely. Not necessary to reintroduce Laogohaire again: her re-appearance is quite plausible in the book and would have been in the series. Plus there didn’t seem to be any emotion from the family about the loss of Jamie and Claire’s child. Pretty heartless!
    Lord Lovat was a gem in the book! Here he just seems a cranky old man and the true character of his son was so changed to be able to have the interlude with the Laoghaire.
    PLEASE RON MOORE, stop having the writers constantly change the motivations of the characters and stop changing their characters and flaws from show to show. SO many fans feel this has been a real weakness this Season.