Watch a New Deleted Scene from ‘The Wedding’

The first eight episodes of Outlander will be available on Blu-ray and DVD in less than two weeks and People has a first look at one of the deleted scenes that will be included in the two disc set. The scene, which originally was to air during ‘The Wedding,’ features Jamie telling Claire a story about his parents during their wedding night. The clip also features an introduction from executive producer Ronald D. Moore, who explains the origins of Jamie’s stories and how the episode changed upon the sequence’s removal. Fans will be treated to more deleted scenes when Outlander: Season One- Volume One comes to Blu-ray and DVD on Tuesday, March 3rd.

Source: People

  • Gingergirl

    This scene is also included in the video pkg purchased through iTunes.

  • Cindy M Houghton

    This isn’t loading on my system, the buffering spinning arrow thing just keeps going around and around…. It’s not my speed, I have no problems seeing the ads (they play in HD without any problem). I get 85Mbps on both up and down. You have a link to the video on Youtube or whatever?

  • Kate Smith

    Glasgow City Chambers building area playing the part of London there! 🙂 I am so impressed with how well you are making this series of the book.

  • Carolee Luper

    Thanks for this wonderful video! It really gives Jamie a chance to shine and show why Claire is falling in love with him. Plus, makes the fans of the books a chance to see more of the scene as written by DG.

  • von

    Really loved this. It brings out Jamies playfulness and sense of drama during the story telling and his realisation that his feelings for Claire are much deeper than he dare let her know. There was also more insight for those who have not had the pleasure of reading the novels. Wish it had been kept in the episode.

  • Farmer_Girl

    Good choice to go with the version that originally aired. While this version was entertaining it didn’t flow as well.

  • DrBlueFrogPhD

    I liked the episode as it aired, but as a book reader, I kind of wish this scene could have been kept in. I’ve spoken to several non-book readers who are fans of the show who were confused as to why Claire would want to stay with Jamie. They felt there wasn’t enough “relationship” there beneath the physical attraction that warranted Claire not leaving him and going back to Frank (which, btw, I’m probably one of the few book readers who was glad that the writers insisted on building Frank’s story up a bit). In the book, it wasn’t so much that Jamie & Claire talked for hours before actually consummating the marriage, but more specifically WHAT they talked about (ie: realizing their similar orphan status, Jamie acknowledging that Claire can’t help but think of Frank given the circumstances and telling Claire that he understands, Jamie explaining more of his family’s colorful back story, etc.).

    I’m glad they’re including all of these deleted scenes to show the additional material they were intending to work with before the final edit and I understand all the reasons given for each. I’m looking forward to April 4th getting here soon!!!

    • Carolee Luper

      Thanks for your perceptive views. As a dedicated book reader ( HOW MANY TIMES? ) I am also happy that the build-up of their relationship was shown. Let’s hope we see more of it!

      • DrBlueFrogPhD

        Especially given what’s to come. The next episode is supposed to show a series of events that, without a strong emotional foundation, most relationships would crumble from.

        • Gingergirl

          Always enjoy your comments and insight. Have you ever been to Terry Dresbach’s website? There is a link on this page for it. I think you would like the conversations there. I don’t comment but I enjoy reading them. Very friendly, with very thoughtful conversations and often very funny.

          • DrBlueFrogPhD

            I LOVE Terry’s website. As someone who worked in the costume department in college for my work-study job, it brings back memories of looooooooong days and nights making costumes for the various shows the school performed (you’d think Cabaret, with it’s plethora of girls in underwear, would be an easy show to dress but it was one of the hardest – go figure). I haven’t gotten up the nerve to join any of the conversations yet, but they are a lively bunch, that’s for sure.
            The thing I love about Outlander is that both the books and now the show are written in such a way as to provoke conversation. There are some really dark and intense scenes to come that I think are going to polarize a lot of people, but I look forward to the discussions to come. 🙂

          • Gingergirl

            You should join in in on their conversations. I think terry would enjoy your input! I’m not sure how to respond using WordPress so I just read! My extent of costume design was making 60 poodle skirts for a middle school production of Bye Bye Birdie. Was tough as we were living in Beijing and had limited supplies available. And clown costumes for a kindergarten circus including hand sewn sequins. So I totally understand and appreciate the loooong hours. Can’t imagine the amount of effort it takes for terry and her gang! I know all the fans appreciate it!

            I agree that the scenes coming up will evoke many different reactions, in particular the spanking scene. Because the actors and Ron himself have already addressed the possible negative reactions by saying that it was an accepted punishment during the 1700’s, it may stem some of the negative comments. The last episode or two is a whole different story but I imagine the conversation will be broched before the airing. I for one will be watching through my fingers…

            One other interesting aspect that I wonder about is that many of the fans are so fond of the actors themselves now, I curious if that will temper the reactions a bit. And unlike a movie or show not based on a book, many of us know were the story goes and that may also lesson the reaction to the unpleasant nature of the scenes.

            Can’t wait to see how they handle the second half but as I have said before, have trust in Ron!

          • DrBlueFrogPhD

            Yes, In Ron We Trust! LOL.

            I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of Season 1 and then, of course, Season 2, but I’m really holding out for Season 3 (crossing my fingers). Oh My Lordy, am I holding out for Season 3! Sam will get a chance to really show Jamie in all his good, bad, and (at times) ugly! But first, April 4th has to get here.

          • Gingergirl

            I don’t think we have to worry about season 3 with this fan base! Starz would be foolish to drop the series…but oh my, you have a serious Droughtlander awaiting for season 3 but I know the rest of this season and next will keep you happy. Now I have to go back and read to see what’s in that book. I re-read the series last summer but it all runs together for me!
            BTW, is it summer where you are or are you in the northern hemisphere? And thanks for making me laugh! I need it with 7 feet of snow in our yard and constant sub zero windchills…my driveway looks like the Red Sea parting with 10ft snow banks….April can’t get here quickly enough. chat again soon hopefully…gg

          • DrBlueFrogPhD

            Yes, bring on April. I’m in the northern hemisphere (Ohio, USA – the state that has produced a lot of astronauts and presidents, and the month of February is why…’d want to strap yourself to a rocket too LOL) so I’m right there with you on the subzero temperatures and snow…..snow is lovely in December, it’s hideous in February. April also gets me closer to July which is when I’m due to give birth to our 3rd child (see this is what happens when your favorite show goes on an extended hiatus midseason LOL)

          • Gingergirl

            And the state that produced my mother!!!!!! You make me lmao! Thank you for that. I have three children (all boys) so it’s been an adventure but still wish I’d had more…thankfully I didn’t as insurance for 5 cars gets pricey and college…. Ugh. I wish you all the luck. Let’s just hope Droughtlanders don’t drag on too long before we get to season 3 or you’re going to have to name number 4 after Claire or Jamie! I’m in Boston, Mom’s from Toledo. Stay warm…it’s almost ova

  • Pam Kerns Coloton

    Can’t get the video. Just voice?

  • great addition to the one that was aired, I am so thrilled I can see it as all the other vids have not allowed those of us in non US countries to view clips and promos. I think Claire felt for Jamie immediately but obviously didn’t want to acknowledge that because of her love for Frank. If they had all met in real time it would be one of those closing door scenes, do you take the road less travelled?

  • Ealasaid

    I loved hearing Jamie, telling Claire all his stories as written in the book, charming her all the while. That Jamie, how clever.