New Photo (Actually a Cardboard Cutout) of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser

A new photo of Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser popped up on Joy Phillips’ Instagram.  Yes, Joy, I would also like one of those to hug and caress myself.  I would just like one to carry around with me at San Diego Comic Con.  Can we make that happen?

This is a bloodied, kilted, armed Jamie.  Still looking good, Sam Heughan.

  • Mary

    I want one, too.

  • mandikaye

    Oh my goodness.

  • Jenny

    I NEEEEEEED IT! For Christmas! 🙂

  • Vitalia Daza

    no I NEED IT!!!!

  • D R Allen

    I dunno – is it just me, or does it make Jamie’s (Sam’s) legs look stumpy compared to his body? (is it just a VERY subtle manipulation of his appearance to help demonstrate he actually IS Colum’s nephew?)

  • CAEdge

    Lookin’ good! But then there are the legs… Too skinny for a kilt. And unfortunately working out doesn’t really help with that. (My BF – who works out religiously – can attest to that fact.) I hope they can do something (movie magic) to make them look like they at least go with the rest of him.

    Who’s marketing this? There’s no excuse for not Photoshopping his legs for the cutout.

  • jrpattz

    I want one!